You are invited to experience
a shift in the root of perception – your sense of self.

Those of us who feel drawn to come together to participate in the evolution of consciousness are being gathered by the attractive energy that is calling elements into alignment that will ultimately form a new self. We cannot participate in this evolutionary process the way we participate in other endeavors. The only way to participate is to make ourselves available to a process of self-creation that is already underway. Jeff Carreira

During this day-long retreat you have the opportunity to experience a shift in the root of perception – your sense of self.

For twenty years, up until just three years ago, Jeff Carreira was part of a highly dedicated and focused experimental spiritual practice community. During those years Jeff was blessed with countless energetic awakenings and spiritual openings. He became a well-loved teacher guiding the spiritual growth of thousands of people throughout the world.

In his latest book The Soul of a New Self Jeff synthesizes the insight and understanding that he gained over all that time. During this daylong event you will take an experiential journey with Jeff into the future of being human.

You will learn and practice a form of meditation that allows you to relax into the point of awareness at the source of your being. From there you will recognize that the sense of self that you currently identify with is not who you are. You are the awareness that animates the self, but you are not the self.

Even more significantly you will explore how creative transformation at the level of our individual and cultural sense of self becomes possible. You will explore ways of shifting your consciousness that open up new ways of perceiving reality. And you will discover why our capacity for this profound level of creativity is essential if we are to face the global challenges that we face.

Jeff will also share with you his understanding of how life evolves through successive transformative leaps of selfhood. You will discover that the spiritual yearnings that you feel are the stirrings of a new way of being – not a new entity, but a new organizing principle for life on this planet.

And you will not just learn about this extraordinary perspective, you will experience it through some carefully crafted exercises that you will do during the retreat.

During this retreat you will:

  1. Learn and practice Jeff’s unique approach to meditation called The Practice of No Problem.
  2. Discover how the freedom from identity you find in meditation becomes the basis for self-transforming creative work.
  3. Explore paradigm-shifting insights that will shift the existential ground of your awareness.
  4. Engage in experiential practices and thought experiments that will give you an embodied experience of the ideas you are learning about
  5. Explore three stages of evolving selfhood:
    • Stage 1: Letting Go of Who We Have Been.
    • Stage 2: Discovering the Possibilities of an Emerging Self.
    • Stage 3: Expressing New Possibilities Until They Become Who We Are.

Tuition $55 until March 18

Jeff Carreira

Jeff Carreira is a contemporary mystic, a spiritual guide and a philosopher who teaches meditation and transformative philosophy throughout the world.

As a spiritual guide, Jeff offers retreats and courses leading individuals in a form of meditation called The Practice of No Problem. Using this simple and effective orientation toward meditation Jeff has guided thousands of people on journeys beyond the confines of fear and self-concern into the expansive liberated awareness that is our true home.

Jeff is passionate about defining a new way of being in the world that will move us from our current paradigm of separation and isolation into an emerging paradigm of unity and wholeness. He actively explores, writes about and teaches some of the innovative and new perspectives in the domains of spirituality, consciousness and human development.

Jeff has created a series of courses teaching Transformative Philosophy that introduce people to ideas that can radically shift their perspective. In all of his teaching work he empowers people to question their experience so deeply that previously unquestioned assumptions fall away creating the space for new understanding to emerge.

One of the most universally admired characteristics of Jeff’s teaching style is that he takes the position of a pathfinder, traveling the journey with those he teaches, skillfully sharing his understanding and supporting others to grow into their own discoveries while always leaving the space for people to come to their own conclusions based on their own deepest experience.

Jeff is the author of six books including, The Miracle of Meditation, The Practice of No Problem, Radical Inclusivity and The Soul of a New Self.