Secrets of Profound Meditation
6 Spiritual Insights That Will Transform Your Life
with Jeff Carreira

We live in a paradigm anchored to assumptions of separation and isolation and driven by the forces of fear and self-concern.

Together we can move into a new paradigm grounded in the direct recognition of Oneness and the principles of interdependence and coexistence.

I have dedicated my life to the exploration of how deep meditation and spiritual inquiry can liberate our hearts and minds from the hypnotic spell of separation and division into the reality of Unity and Love.

My passion is sharing the miracles that I've discovered with a growing community of practitioners around the world.

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Secrets of Profound Meditation:
6 Spiritual Insights That Will Transform Your Life
Discover a profound recognition of awakened consciousness with this FREE 6-part program.
with Jeff Carreira

Over my many years of spiritual practice I’ve been blessed with more spiritual openings and energetic breakthroughs than I can count. Each one has brought new perspectives on life and opened doors to possibilities that hadn’t existed before.

For over 25 years the practice of meditation has served as one of my most consistent access points to deep spiritual realization.

When I set out to create this program all I wanted to do was share the most powerfully transformative insights that my meditation practice has given me.

In this program you will work with six spiritual insights that will take you step by step into a profound recognition of awakened consciousness.

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We are not going to create a new paradigm the way other things are created.

The best thing we can do is engage with each other around the things that capture our imagination and move our heart.

We must become porous vessels for inspired perspectives and inspired ideas and let all the exchange and the interaction and growth generate a kind of creative friction that will allow something to emerge between us that none of us could imagine.

~ Jeff Carreira
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by Jeff Carreira


191 pages

November 2019

No Place But Home: Reflections on Meditation and the Spiritual Life

Emergence Education Press


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May 2018

TransDimensional Crossing – A Novel

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146 pages

September 2017

Paradigm Shifting: Guiding Evolution From The Inside Out

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6 hrs & 14 mins

November 2016

The Soul of A New Self: Embracing the Future of Being Human (Audiobook)

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by Jeff Carreira


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The world shows up for us. We wake up in the morning, open our eyes, and there it is. Like magic it just appears there. But here’s the problem. We’ve been conditioned to assume that the reason the world shows up that way, is because that’s the way it is. More or less, we generally believe that the world is the way it appears to us.


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When your meditation becomes deep and steady what you find is that you flicker in and out of remembering that you are meditating. You will be meditating for a while, deliberately following the instructions, and then you will remember that you are meditating and realize that you had forgotten what you were doing for a few minutes.


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