You can listen to silence and learn from it. It has a quality and dimension all its own.

– Chaim Potok

It is our pleasure to invite you to join us for a two-days of spiritual release and meditation.

On Saturday April 15 and Sunday April 16 you will gather with a wonderful group of openhearted souls for an adventure in consciousness that will take you into the wellspring of peace and equanimity that can be found in deep meditation.

This is the first weekend retreat we have lead that will be focused entirely on the practice of meditation and we are both thrilled to have this opportunity to share all of the insights and understanding we have gained over our decades of serious practice.

We hope you can join us.

With love,
Jeff Carreira and Amy Edelstein


— Day 1: Freedom from thought

During the first day of the retreat you will explore how meditation can free you from compulsive thinking and negative thought patterns. The reason most people start to meditate is to experience relief from stress and anxiety.

We experience a great deal of tension from ongoing self-defeating and negative thought patterns. So many of us find ourselves caught in seemingly unending waves of fear, doubt, and self-criticism. It is natural to assume that if we only solve each of the problems we see then our negative thoughts will go away. But what we find is that no matter how many problems we solve, the self-defeating train of thoughts continue to run through our minds.

On the first day of this retreat you will discover something miraculous. You will discover that with the right training and a little practice, you can learn how to ignore the relentless stream of negative thoughts. When you learn the trick, you immediately enter into a dramatically different relationship to life. You will find that very quickly, you can go from a tentative and defensive relationship to life, to one where you are now open and wholehearted.

During Saturday’s sessions you will be guided through a series of exercises and practices that will illuminate the subtle art of shifting your attention off of negative thoughts and emotions. This sounds simple – and it is – and yet you will be amazed at how difficult something so simple can be to put into practice.

With the expert guidance you receive from Jeff and Amy you will master this technique and still have plenty of time to meditate beyond the influence of fear, worry, and self-concern.

— Day 2: Open Awareness

During the second day of this retreat you will learn a meditation technique called Open Awareness. This ancient practice is a perfect compliment and next step to the work you will do on Saturday. In Open Awareness you learn to rest your attention on the field of consciousness that all of our thoughts and feelings arise in.

Our mental habits usually keep our attention fixed on our thoughts and feelings – especially those that are painful or frightening. Learning how not to pay attention to thought and feeling is a first step towards discovering deep spiritual freedom.

But what happens once we have liberated ourselves from negative thought patterns? Where do we put our attention then?

Once our attention is free from compulsive mental habits we have the opportunity to notice something we may have never seen before. All of our thoughts and feelings arise in a field of consciousness that is inherently spacious, free, and expansive. By spending time focused on the quality of being aware (rather than the objects that we are usually aware of) we begin to experience the moving and profound sense of being home in ourselves.

In the depths of this meditative freedom we discover that we were never the fearful, worried, self-concerned person we thought we were. We were always the open and peaceful consciousness that was aware of all the fears, worries and concerns. Suddenly our experience turns inside out and we find a depth of existential contentment that allows us to live through all of life’s challenges with ease and equanimity.


— Date and Location

The retreat will be held on Saturday April 15 and Sunday April 16 one the beautiful grounds of the Pendle Hill retreat center just outside of Philadelphia PA.

We look forward to sharing this journey together.

— Retreat Schedule

(Guided meditation sessions, dialog, & discussion are led by both Jeff & Amy)

Saturday, April 15
8:00 am – 9:00 am Registration
9:00 am – Midday Introduction to Freedom From Thought with Jeff followed by Guided Meditation Sessions
Midday – 1:00 pm Lunch
1:30 pm – 4:00 pm Guided Meditation Sessions
4:30 pm – 6:00 pm Dialog and Discussion Session
6:00 pm – 19:00 Dinner
7:30 pm – 9:00 pm Evening Compassion Meditation
Sunday, April 16
7:00 am – 8:00 am Guided Meditation Session
9:00 am – Midday Introduction to Open Awareness with Amy
followed by Guided Meditation Sessions
Midday – 1:00 pm Lunch
1:00 pm – 3:00 pm Guided Meditation Sessions


Room Type
Single Room $475
Double Room $400
Commuter $325

CANCELLATION POLICY: refunds are available up to two weeks prior to the start of the retreat with a $75 cancellation fee. No refunds will be awarded within two weeks prior to the retreat.

Amy Edelstein

Amy Edelstein, author, educator, and public speaker is a powerful communicator of ideas and beliefs that can help us transform ourselves and the culture we live in. She teaches a spiritually awakened perspective and the significance of an evolutionary worldview. Her short programs and year-long trainings help individuals and groups develop. Engaging, sensitive, and insightful, Amy’s mission is to support as many people as possible to grow beyond their own expectations.

She is the founder and Executive Director of the Inner Strength Foundation, a non-profit organization that supports youth development. Its flagship teen mindfulness & cultural development program is an innovative training for inner city youth combining mindfulness and social-emotional learning tools with an developmental perspective on the way our culture and neuro-physiology influence us. Over 2000 Philadelphia public school students have been trained in this 12-week program as part of their regular curriculum. Amy is also the co-founder of Emergence Education and its soon to be launched publishing house. Emergence Education and its Press produce courses, educational materials, and books in service of individual transformation and the emergence of new paradigms of thinking and cultural development.

Jeff Carreira

Jeff Carreira is a contemporary mystic, a spiritual guide and a philosopher who teaches meditation and transformative philosophy throughout the world.

As a spiritual guide, Jeff offers retreats and courses leading individuals in a form of meditation called The Practice of No Problem. Using this simple and effective orientation toward meditation Jeff has guided thousands of people on journeys beyond the confines of fear and self-concern into the expansive liberated awareness that is our true home.

Jeff is passionate about defining a new way of being in the world that will move us from our current paradigm of separation and isolation into an emerging paradigm of unity and wholeness. He actively explores, writes about and teaches some of the innovative and new perspectives in the domains of spirituality, consciousness and human development.

Jeff has created a series of courses teaching Transformative Philosophy that introduce people to ideas that can radically shift their perspective. In all of his teaching work he empowers people to question their experience so deeply that previously unquestioned assumptions fall away creating the space for new understanding to emerge.

One of the most universally admired characteristics of Jeff’s teaching style is that he takes the position of a pathfinder, traveling the journey with those he teaches, skillfully sharing his understanding and supporting others to grow into their own discoveries while always leaving the space for people to come to their own conclusions based on their own deepest experience.

Jeff is the author of six books including, The Miracle of Meditation, The Practice of No Problem, Radical Inclusivity and The Soul of a New Self.