Awakening, Non-Duality and The Practice of No Problem (58mins)

September 15, 2018

Non-Duality is a state of consciousness that is revered in many Eastern and Western esoteric traditions. It is the direct recognition that beneath the surface of the apparent reality of a universe made up of separate, isolated and individual things there is an underlying unity.

“All is One and I am That!” Is the exclamation of Non-Dual realization.

In this profound recognition of Oneness we suddenly realize that there was never anything separating us from anything or anyone else. We experience a depth of intimacy beyond anything we could have previously imagined and we are left with a deep sense that everything is OK.

The attainment of this profound awakening experience and later the sharing of it has been the single-pointed focus of my life for the past twenty-five years. Over those years I have been blessed and graced with numerous experiences that have transported my consciousness beyond anything I could have previously imagined.

All of my past and present experience leaves me with a wide open uncertainty about the apparent separation and solidity of the reality that presents itself. I know that beyond this facade of isolation there is an underlying unity at work.

Certain meditation practices can turn the mind in on itself in such a way that the habits of separation and division fall away and the boundless unity that those habits were hiding becomes blazingly obvious.

Once the shackles of isolation fall away our hearts and minds open to new possibilities of wisdom, compassion and love.

During this recording I share with you everything I have learned about Non-Dual experience and how the practice of meditation acts as a doorway to it.

Audio Recording (58mins)
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