Evolutionary Ethics and Karma

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A continuous view of the universe seems to inherently evoke an ethical compulsion. When the boundaries between self and other, individual and society, inner and outer begin to dissolve into a single universe of continuous … Read More

The Feeling of Evolution

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Evolutionary Ethics has been a topic of discussion ever since there has been discussion about evolution. In the early 20th century Eugenics was seriously studied at universities. Eugenics is the practice of controlled human breeding … Read More

What is Evolution?

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Before getting back to the issue of freewill I wanted to write a post or two about the general topic of evolution and the less general topic of “conscious evolution.” My interest in freewill falls … Read More

John Dewey and B.F. Skinner

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I have been thinking more and re-reading Dewey’s paper on the reflex arc and wanted to add a second post with fuller thoughts. At the end of my last post I mentioned that Dewey’s conception … Read More

Are we a Self or a Self-Concept?

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Pragmatism was a philosophy that emerged directly out of The Enlightenment that initiated the “modern revolution” and it helps when thinking about Pragmatism to think about it in relationship to The Enlightenment and the new ways … Read More

John Dewey’s Evolutionary Ethics

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I am continually amazed to find that John Dewey had such a profoundly awakened evolutionary philosophy. In his work to construct an evolutionary ethical sensibility, Dewey recognized that the efforts to create an ethics based … Read More