A New American History

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I was a primary and secondary school teacher for many years and one of the things that I taught was history. It always occurred to me that the way we taught history, the events and … Read More

Nature Mystics and Scientific Progressives

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The European Enlightenment produced two responses; Scientific Rationalism and Romanticism. The Scientific Rationalism represented in the science of Sir Isaac Newton and the philosophy of John Locke. Romanticism produced the writing of Goethe in Germany … Read More

Is Barack Obama a Pragmatist?

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I have noticed since President Obama’s inauguration, that newspapers, magazines, blog posts, as well as newscasters and political analysts refer to him as a Pragmatist. Whenever I read or hear this reference it makes me … Read More

Reading List and Online Resources

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Last night I had the opportunity to give a talk called “The American Philosophical Roots of Evolutionary Enlightenment.” The talk covered some of the philosophical links between Ralph Waldo Emerson and the New England Transcendentalists … Read More

John Dewey’s Insight

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John Dewey was younger than William James, but they were contemporaries. Dewey was profoundly influenced by reading James’ book “Principles of Psychology” and became, along with James and Charles Sanders Peirce, the third of a … Read More

The American Defense of Religion

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In an earlier post I characterized American Philosophy as an ever deeper embrace of the concept of evolution. Another way that I understand the general trajectory of American philosophy is as an ever more sophisticated … Read More

When two minds become one

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In response to my last post (see below) someone posed an interesting question. They felt they understood what I was writing regarding William James’ view that we live in creative multiple universes. And they accepted … Read More