Transcending Materialism

Transcending Materialism

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In this essay we explore what it means to transcend one of our most foundational assumptions about reality. You see, even those of us who’ve had spiritual experiences that convince us that the essence of our being is spirit and not matter, still often default to culturally conditioned materialistic assumptions about life.

Finding the Self You Cannot See:

Finding the Self You Cannot See

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My longer retreats combine meditation practice and philosophical inquiry to liberate us from the perceptual constraints of the current paradigm and create the space for novel possibilities to emerge between us.

The Miracle of Meditation

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My first book was called The Miracle of Meditation and that title perfectly describes exactly what I feel unendingly inspired to share with people. My own practice of meditation has blessed me with the experience …

What is Spirituality?

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Those of us seeking to live lives of deeper meaning, inner peace and freedom have become comfortable with the world spiritual. Before we assume that we all know what we are all talking about when …