Radical Inclusivity

Jeff Carreira


Radical Inclusivity

Expanding Our Minds Beyond Dualistic Thinking
In this book Jeff Carreira explores the experience of Radical Inclusivity. These experiences arise out of the direct recognition that everything is always included as part of some larger whole. That larger whole is itself included in yet another whole. This recognition of profound holism gives us a glimpse into a new possibility in consciousness and a way of thinking that moves us beyond dualistic comparison of opposites. The writing style is personal, fluid, fast moving, and at times poetic because a new consciousness can best be articulated through words that point us to a reality that lies beyond words. This book is meant to initiate an inquiry that will inspire you to embark on a profound investigation of your own experience.
Audiobook Includes:
  • Online audiobook portal - All audios and suggested extra materials are found in the online portal
  • eBook version of ‘Radical Inclusivity’ - 160 pages of thought provoking inquiry.
  • A recorded welcome message and introduction
  • Six audio sessions (One per chapter,) each 60mins long - These include the book being read, plus commentary from Jeff Carreira.
  • A summary paper and 60min audio commentary
  • Suggested resources - For deeper inquiry including links to articles, books, blogs and audio lectures
Audiobook Details: Language: English. Read by Jeff Carreira. Commentary by Jeff Carreira. Can be downloaded.
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