The Art of Conscious Contentment

Jeff Carreira


The Art of Conscious Contentment

A Handbook for Meditation and Spiritual Freedom
In this book you will find a concise and yet deeply comprehensive introduction to a form of meditation taught by Jeff Carreira, and called The Practice of No Problem. This form of meditation is deceptively simple. It asks only that you sit and not make a problem out of anything that occurs, no matter what. It may seem hard to believe that instructions this simple, literally asking you to do nothing at all, could offer any real benefit, but nothing could be further from the truth. These simple instructions, if followed with relentless consistency, have the power to liberate you from habitual patterns of reactivity to fear, worry or self-concern. And as you learn to abide in the deep state of equanimity and peace that you discover, you will be led deeper into the mystery of being to the very threshold of awakening. This book explores the wisdom of awakening using simple and easily understood language. Before you realize it, you will have entered a journey of transformation that opens the doorway to the miraculous.
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