Breakthrough Intensive

An 8-month Training for
Ambassadors of a New Paradigm

with Jeff Carreira • October 2016 to June 2017

Immerse Yourself in Ideas, Practices and Perspectives that Change Everything


Understand and Articulate the Shift from Separation and Isolation to Unity and Interconnectedness

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This intensive is for people who are called to be articulators of a new possibility. Many of us recognize the need for our society to undergo a significant shift in paradigm. We also know that we have something to contribute if we could communicate it clearly.

If you are one of these people please join me on this eight month training designed to bring you to a deeper understanding of the paradigm shift that we are in the midst of and even more importantly to develop your capacity to effectively articulate that shift to others.

Paradigm shifts occur when we face persistent problems that we are incapable of solving, or when we experience possibilities that should not be possible.

Many of us have experienced both of these. Some of us have even discovered some piece of the puzzle that can open up a new possibility for the world.

Historically the work of shifting paradigms has never been supported from inside the existing paradigm. The dominant paradigm doesn’t see the one that is coming even if some people inside it do.

Those who see the change often feel isolated and unable to convey what we see even to sympathetic listeners.

Historically paradigm shifts are generated by circles of like-minded pioneers who start to see the same possibility together. These groups incubate new possibilities, develop them, and ultimately communicate them with the wider world.

This Articulation Intensives is designed to gather and sustain such a circle of visionary individuals.

We find ‘new’ paradigm visions in the experiences of the world’s great mystics. In this Intensive we will embody their courage and dive into the wisdom of our own direct experience.

A different understanding of reality shines through the poetry, art and philosophy of the 18th and 19th century Romantics. They understood that we are participants in an inherently creative process. They embraced the mysterious and the unknowable without letting go of rationality. We will hold the ineffable  core of life as central to our investigation during these eight months.

A dramatic new vision can also be found Charles Darwin’s recognition of the continuity of species, in the spiritual systems of Theosophy and Anthroposophy, in the work of William James and the American Pragmatists, and  in the new physics of Relativity and Quantum Theory that have changed our understanding of time and space.

Carl Jung, Alfred North Whitehead, Peirre Teilhard de Chardin, Sri Aurobindo and many others offer unique expressions of a new reality.

New paradigm thinking inspired the birth of the literary movement of the American Transcendentalists that included Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry David Thoreau, Margaret Fuller.

A more recent resurgence can be found in the artistic movement of Paris in the 1920’s that included Gertrude Stein, Pablo Picasso, Zelda and F. Scott Fitzgerald, and Salvador Dali.

Then again in New York in the 40’s and 50’s poets and artists like William Carlos Williams, Barbara Guest, Jackson Pollock, Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsburg fueled the counter culture of the 1960’s. This led in turn to the human potential movement of the 1970’s, the New Age movement of the 1980’s and all of the alternative forms of spirituality that have flourished in the past few decades.

The full history of this emergence is not part of our common education because the interpretive framework of the dominant paradigm filters it out – not intentionally or out of malice, but simply as a reflexive act of self-protection. The pieces and connections of the story exist. They only need to be put together to reveal a cohesive story – our story – the story of the emergence of a different reality. This Intensive is an invitation to take your part in writing the next chapter of this story.

This Breakthrough Intensive is experiential.

The model that inspires this course is the Mystery Schools of ancient Greece. Plato had an Academy. Aristotle started the Lyceum. Plotinus, Zeno, Epicurus, and many others all had schools.

These schools offered much more than knowledge. They were inspired by visions of reality and possiblity, and they were dedicated to giving people a lived experience of those visions. These were experiential schools not just intellectual ones.

Working in the school included learning new ideas, but it also meant engaging in practices and inquiries that explored new perspectives, perceptions and experiences to life.

Like the participants in these schools we will learn to think, feel and act differently. Our intention for this Intensive will be to move into a different reality and explore how to live it.

The goal of this 8-month program is to bring a profoundly different way of being to life and to learn how to communicate it clearly and effectively with others.

The new paradigm needs ambassadors.

To develop and expand a paradigm we must be able to articulate and communicate it effectively. This means some of us need to become deeply fluent in a new way of being so that we become and inspire ourselves and other to live it.

This program is a training for Ambassadors of a New Paradigm.

As a participant In this eight month program you will be on a journey of discovery. You will read four innovative and illuminating books and engage with the subtle and profound ideas and perspectives they contain – to move inside these ideas and explore them from the inside out.

You will not just be learning about a new experience of reality. You will enter into it and explore everything else from there. That is why this school is experiential in nature.

I am tremendously excited to invite you to join me on this journey. We will work together from October to May sharing ideas that will liberate you from the constraints of the existing paradigm and open you into a new one.

You will be invited to work on an Articulation Project that best allows you to communicate your deepest experience of a new paradigm.

I hope you are inspired to join me in this exploration of a new reality.

Jeff Carreira

NOTE: Because of the in-depth nature of this program enrollment will delimited to 24 participants.


Aims of the Program


Accessing a New Paradigm

The Intensive will dramatically increase your access to a new way of being. The contours of an emerging paradigm have been articulated by extraordinary individuals over the past two centuries. In this course you will deepen into that shift of paradigm and journey into a deep recognition of a reality rooted in unity and non-separation.


Articulating a New Paradigm

In this intensive access is the starting point but my ultimate goal is to support us in becoming that new generation of articulators. To change reality we must articulate what is possible in ways that are clear, confident and inspiring. In this course you will develop and perfect your capacity to express your vision of a new reality in ways that match your strengths and interests.


The Elements of the Program

This is an 8-month intensive program split into 4 modules each lasting 2 months. During each module we will be focused on the insight and understanding of one of four books that we will study over the 8 months (see below).

Each Module will include six virtual engagements held via conference call, two will be 90-minute lecture/Q&A sessions with the whole group of 24, and four will be deep dialog sessions in a working group of 12.

All of the elements that make up this intensive program are described below.

Monthly 90-Minute Lecture/Q&A Sessions

At the start of each month (twice during each module) we will gather via conference call as a large group to introduce the ideas and perspectives that we will be focused on that month. These discussion sessions will include presentation and Q&A with Jeff Carreira.

Monthly Content Summaries

To ensure your understanding of the ideas we explore you will receive content summaries of the focus topic of each month that highlight the significant insights you are working with.

Twice Monthly 60-Minute Deep Dialog Sessions

Twice each month (four times during each module) we will gather in small working groups via conference call to enter into a facilitated collective inquiry led by Jeff Carreira.

Access to Live virtual meditations every weekday.

Five days a week Jeff offers the opportunity for you to join him on a video conference to meditate for 30 minutes together. This practice will help ground you in the perspectives we are sharing.

Daily Practice

I ask each participant to commit to 10 minutes of meditation and a 10 min of journal writing during each day of the intensive.

Articulation Project

Each participant will be asked to produce an articulating artifact in the form of a written piece designed to communicate some aspect of the new paradigm. Those for whom writing is not their strongest medium of communication can choose to produce a work of art, create a performance, or work in some other mode of other artifact that will best communicate their vision of a new paradigm. In asking this I am inspired by the great cultural creatives of all times who have discovered a new reality and articulated it in ways that inspire others to manifest and share in it. I intend that the pieces we create be made available (with your permission) to a wider audience so that our efforts can touch the hearts and minds of others. Individual sessions with me can be used to develop your project concept.

Two 30-Minute Individual Coaching Calls

I will have two coaching calls with each participant of the course. The first will occur toward the start of the course and will be used to set clear intentions for our work together. The second will be used to discuss details of your Articulation Project.

A Three-Day Residential Retreat

Our Intensive will conclude in a three day residential retreat held on the beautiful campus of the Pendle Hill Retreat Center in Philadelphia, PA.


Foundations of a New Paradigm

Below are three foundational perspective shifts that we will focus on during this Intensive. Each of these will undoubtedly figure prominently in the Paradigm to come.



We live in a continuous reality without gaps or breaks. We see a world of separate things, but nothing is separate in either space or time. Everything is connected. In our current human form we have a limited range of conscious perception. Within that range of perception things appear separate and isolated, but as your perception expands you begin to see the connections that have always been there just below the surface. In Utah there is a grove of trees that on the surface looks like a forest of 40,000 separate trees. If you look beneath the surface of the ground you discover that all those trees are part of one plant that shares a single root system. If we could see beyond our current dimensions of time and space we would discover the unity that lies behind the appearance of separation.



The ability to think, feel and act spontaneously is crucial to the New Paradigm. Our conventional perception of reality emerges directly out of the structure of the current paradigm. That is what makes living from a new paradigm so challenging. All of the normal ways that we think, feel and act occur inside of a set of assumptions about what is possible and what is not that defines the existing paradigm. Trying to move into a New Paradigm from inside the existing one is like trying to pick a rowboat up out of the water while standing inside it. Spontaneity opens up the space for something truly novel to emerge through us. Only when we can put aside our ‘already knowing’ mind and open up to our true creative potential will we gain access to a completely different field of possibility.



Our capacity to be conscious and aware is the most fundamental aspect of our experience. Without it we would not have any idea about existence. We would continue to be, but we would have no way of knowing it. Conscious awareness is the unfathomable mystery and miracle that we all participate in every single instant of every day. The key to entering into a new paradigm is found in liberating our awareness. Our current experience of awareness is shaped by ideas and attitudes that keep us bound inside of a particular perception of reality. If we want to move beyond conventional reality we must explore the nature of consciousness until we open up to a living recognition that consciousness is everywhere. We are not conscious beings living in an unconscious universe. We are organs of perception intimately united with the totality of a living conscious universe.


~The Purpose and Structure of this Intensive~

This is a unique offering for those who are ready for a prolonged and concentrated exploration of the new paradigm that is emerging. We are moving out of a paradigm of separation and division into a paradigm of unity and cohesion. The image of ourselves as isolated individuals is yielding to a deep recognition of our existential connection. We live in a universe without breaks or gaps, a continuous reality of which we are an integrated part of a larger whole. In this program we will place sustained attention on an investigation into the new paradigm that will lead to breakthrough shifts in consciousness and in our ability to articulate and share that consciousness with others.

Module 1 October/November 2016

Exploring the Relationship Between world and Self

The first two months of the program will focus on my book The Soul of a New Self and we will explore the inseparably co-emergent relationship between self and world to discover how our sense of self and our perception of reality arise simultaneously as one inseparable whole. We will experiment with shifting our perception to see directly that all of reality is one co-arising whole event. We will see that the boundaries we see between things actually arise as one continuous whole with the things they appear to separate. This new vision of reality will be the foundation that the remainder of the investigations of the course will build upon.

Module 2 December 2016/January 2017

Understanding the Transformative Power of Art

The second book we will read is Alva Noe’s recently released Strange Tools, Art and Human Nature. In this module we will explore the inherently subversive function that art plays in the process of evolving culture. Throughout history art has played the critical role of reflecting back to us discrepancies between who we think we are and who we actually are. It also takes the unconscious assumptions that underpin and shape our experience of reality and display them for all to see. Finally art acts a harbinger of new possibilities by expressing the barely visible contours of new ways of seeing and being. By this point in our program we will be very busy with our articulations projects and this exploration will guide us to completion.

Module 3 February/March 2017

Awakening to the Aesthetic Dimension of Reality

Our third module will be focused on David Abram’s well known book The Spell of the Sensuous. In the book Abrams draws on his extensive first had experience with Shamans of indigenous cultures as well as his understanding of the Western philosophy of Phenomenology to explore a view of reality that is deeply contrary to the one that we in the modern West have been trained in. Reality does not just sit there waiting to be discovered. Reality is participatory and the perception of it is co-created with the perceiver. We will find that there is wisdom of indigenous cultures that needs to be re-examined and re-embraced.

Module 4 April/May 1017

Expanding Our Relationship to the Ecology of Living (and Non-Living) Things

During our final module we will read a text by Dr. Timothy Morton of Rice University called Dark Ecology. We will use this book to explore one of the most exciting developments in contemporary philosophy, Object Oriented Ontology and how it gives us new ways to think about ecological systems and and the global challenges that our living world now faces. The ideas in this book challenge our foundational assumption of separation and invite us to open to a universe of continuity, simultaneity and co-existence. The philosophical movement known as Object Oriented Ontology is sweeping through the art world and will give us the chance to deepen our exploration of how art can open the space for a new paradigm.

About Jeff

Jeff Carreira was a member of the EnlightenNext spiritual community and a close student of teacher Andrew Cohen for over twenty years. As the Director of Education there he guided the spiritual growth and development of hundreds of individuals worldwide. More recently, over the last four years, he has co-led The Evolutionary Collective in New York City with his teaching partner Patricia Albere. For many years Jeff has guided people into the profound depths of meditative practice. His sensitive and precise guidance will invite you into unlimited possibility. His direct and supportive manner of instruction consistently brings both experienced practitioners and novices alike to some of their most profound realizations. Read more about Jeff 

Jeff Carreira website

Comments about Jeff’s teaching work

“In a world in which university education is often thought of as a vocational certificate, seeing someone obviously relishing the acquisition and sharing of knowledge for its own sake was inspiring.”
William O. Shropshire, Provost, Oglethorpe University

“I was drawn into a deeper and richer experience than I have ever had before and I am seeing everything differently as a result.”

“I was guided into a new depth of sensitivity and openness.”

“I discovered a new dimension and a deep motivation to practice with greater intensity.”

“Utterly reorienting in the best, deepest and most liberating way.”

“Brilliant and consciousness changing!”

“Powerful spiritual guidance.”

“This is the most dynamic course I have ever taken.”

“I opened to a new recognition of who I am and I am very grateful for that.”

“The depth of my practice was tangible and it left me swimming in a deep experience of mystery and awe.”

“Jeff is an inspiring teacher.”

“Jeff’s guidance is authentically rooted in his own deep practice and his voice is both authoritative and relaxing — a wonderful combination.”

“Finding this work is like discovering a deep well of water in the desert. It opens a door to a life of freedom and love beyond imagination.”

Session Dates

Whole Group Lecture/Q&A Sessions
will be held via conference call on Tuesdays from 8 to 9:30pm Eastern Time on the following dates:

Tuesday, October 4
Tuesday, November 1
Tuesday, December 6
Tuesday, January 10
Tuesday, February 7
Tuesday, March 7
Tuesday, April 4
Tuesday, May 2

(Lecture/Q&A sessions will be recorded for those who cannot attend live.)

Deep Dialog Sessions will be held via conference call on Tuesdays. One discussion group meeting from 2 to 3pm Eastern Time, the other will meet from 8 to 9pm Eastern Time on the following dates:

Tuesday, October 11 & 18
Tuesday, November 8 & 15
Tuesday, December 13 & 20
Tuesday, January 17 & 24
Tuesday, February 14 & 21
Tuesday, March 14 & 21
Tuesday, April 11 & 18
Tuesday, May 9 & 16

(Deep Dialog sessions will be recorded for those who cannot attend live.)

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Virtual Meditations
Every Weekday from 8:30 to 9:00am Eastern Time

3-Day Retreat
Thursday, June 8 to Sunday, June 11
at the Pendle Hill Retreat Center Philadelphia, PA.

NOTE: All costs of the retreat (except your travel expenses) are included in the price of the program.

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