Articulating A New Reality

An 8 Month Breakthrough Intensive for Ambassadors of a New Paradigm with Jeff Carreira

October 2017 – May 2018

Shifting from a Paradigm of Separation and Isolation to one of Unity and Interconnectedness

This October the third cohort of my 8-month Breakthrough Intensive program will begin. This 8-month program is a training for those who are called to articulate a New Paradigm of being for the world.

When I first conceived of the program a few years ago I was responding to the need for a “graduate course” serving alternative thinkers and spiritual adepts.

I looked around and saw lots of courses teaching methods and techniques for individual and collective growth, but not much opportunity for people to develop their own voice and share it with the world.

The Breakthrough Intensive is a vehicle for you to take everything you have already learned and experienced and create something amazing with it.

In my meditation programs I share the miracle of awakening. My retreats are an opportunity to abide in awakened consciousness.

The Breakthrough Intensive is a leadership training for New Paradigm thinking.

At some point in our journey we start to feel the yearning to give back, to take everything we’ve experienced and share it with the world in ways that are compelling and effective.

The new ways of being and thinking that you have discovered can form the foundation of a new world, but only if those of us who are awake to them develop our ability to express them clearly so that they can be embraced by more people.

Training for Ambassadors of a New Paradigm

Those of us who can express our deepest realizations effectively will become the ambassadors of a new paradigm who advocate for a new understanding of reality and a new way of life.

For the past two years I have been training small cohorts of people to play this crucial role.

In that short time four books have been written and published by participants, a number of workshops and retreats have been created and successfully offered to the public, academic papers have been produced, websites have been created, and entrepreneurial ventures have been launched.

The Breakthrough Intensive is about my my work because it’s ultimately about yours.

Everyone who participates is encouraged to use it as a platform to develop an Articulation Project that will express their own deepest wisdom

What you can expect

In the Breakthrough Intensive you will be guided and supported to discover your own deepest realizations and insights. Then in private coaching calls with me you will develop a vision for your first (or next) step in bringing your insights to life.

Over eight months you will also learn about and work with the most exciting new paradigm ideas and perspectives I know of. Your study will support your own thinking and help you develop a clear and powerful way to articulate it.

Your project may be in writing, art, music, or dance.. You might have a business idea you want to turn into a successful venture to shine new ideas into the world.

We all have different strengths and different mediums of expression. This program is geared to support you to discover and develop yours.

Think about it for a minute. What is it that you know in your heart that you don’t see fully reflected in the world? Can you imagine sharing that pearl of wisdom in a way that changes people’s lives? Can you imagine enough people embracing what you have to offer so that the insight behind it begins to have a life of its own?

This is how human culture changes. People with new ideas share them in ways that others can embrace and live them. Once a critical number of people embrace a new idea – and it doesn’t require nearly as many as you might think – the idea comes alive in culture – not just in individuals, but in the whole cultural mix.

These ideas are now free to shape culture and re-create the world.

This is our work. This is the invitation of the Breakthrough Intensive. This is an opportunity for you to give back the very best of what you’ve learned.

Don’t disqualify yourself

One of the biggest challenges I have with a course like this is convincing amazing people that they are ready for this step. I’ve talked with people who have spent years, and sometimes decades doing deep transformative work and still think they’re not ready.

Here’s a secret, there is a part of you that will never feel ready for this step. That part will always feel it needs one more credential or training in one more technique, but it will never feel ready.

If you feel called to shape the future at some point you’re going to have to just do it. No one ever feels ready for it, but with enough support you can do it.

I led my first training ten years ago. I trained over a hundred people around the world to successfully share their wisdom. Everyone of them was successful leading public events and many of them were able to create financially sustainable offerings as a result.

What I learned with that first training was that being authentic to what you really have to offer was the key to being successful. You don’t have to know everything. You don’t have to be the most realized being. You have to be authentic to your own experience. Your own experience is all you really have to offer and if you give it something profound will be unleashed.

You see, its not about being more, its about being yourself. The greatest realization that people have in the Breakthrough Intensive is that the person they already are – the one they think is not enough – is the perfect one to share exactly what they have to offer. This realization alone will change your whole life.

At some point in my life I realized that it wasn’t extraordinary people who change the world. It was just people. Even my personal hero Ralph Waldo Emerson, the father of American literature and arguably the founder of American post-modern culture, was a remarkably ordinary person. In fact, I’ve heard it said that the most extraordinary thing about him was how ordinary he was.

So don’t count yourself out.

If you feel this call to be an ambassador of a new paradigm, or if you already are and want to be more effective at it, you are already the great candidate for this training.

Being Culturally Relevant

An important part of the training involves learning about the thinking that is currently defining what a next paradigm might be. Gaining insight and understanding can tempt us into becoming overly self-focused. In our zeal for what we have discovered we stop looking for new ideas that will confirm, influence and develop our thinking.

If we do, we run the risk of becoming culturally irrelevant because our insight – as magnificent as it may be – can become disconnected from the larger cultural context it was meant to serve.

Every year in the Breakthrough Intensive I find some extraordinary books for us to explore together. These books represent some of the most novel thinking currently available.

As you explore these ideas they will inform and sharpen your own thinking. They will shape your perception and change your life.

This is not an academic course. We will not just be reading about ideas, we will be learning how to operationalize them. How to live into them. How to allow them to transform us. In doing this, your own ideas will take on new dimensions of depth and sophistication.

And you will learn how ideas can be explored experientially. Then you can apply these same methods of experiential learning in the creation of your own articulation project.

This program is a unique expression of what I have to offer. I have successfully supported people to articulate their own visions of a new reality for years and I know that more of us need to take this creative step if we want widespread change in the world.

I hope to work with you in this program.


“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed individuals can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”
~ Margaret Mead

Aims of the Program

Accessing a New Paradigm

The Intensive will dramatically increase your access to a new way of being. The contours of an emerging paradigm have been articulated by extraordinary individuals over the past two centuries. In this course you will deepen into that shift of paradigm and journey into a deep recognition of a reality rooted in unity and non-separation.

Articulating a New Paradigm

In this intensive access is the starting point but my ultimate goal is to support us in becoming that new generation of articulators. To change reality we must articulate what is possible in ways that are clear, confident and inspiring. In this course you will develop and perfect your capacity to express your vision of a new reality in ways that match your strengths and interests.

Elements of the Program

This is an 8-month intensive program split into 4 modules each lasting 2 months. During each module we will be focused on the insight and understanding of one of four books that we will study over the 8 months (see below).

Each Module will include six virtual engagements held via conference call, two will be 90-minute lecture/Q&A sessions with the whole group of 24, and four will be deep dialog sessions in a working group of 12.

All of the elements that make up this intensive program are described below.

Monthly 90-minute lectures

At the start of each month (twice during each module) we will gather via conference call as a large group to introduce the ideas and perspectives that we will be focused on that month. These discussion sessions will include presentation and Q&A with Jeff Carreira.

Monthly content summaries

To ensure your understanding of the ideas we explore you will receive content summaries of the focus topic of each month that highlight the significant insights you are working with.

Monthly 90-minute Q and A sessions

Each month (two times during each module) there will also be an opportunity for everyone taking the course to gather via conference call to enter into a Q and A led by Jeff Carreira.

Self-guided study groups

Those who would like to engage with the ideas we study more vigorously will have the opportunity to join (or host) self directed study groups. You will receive study questions to focus your inquiry which you can use in a study group or in individual contemplation.

Live virtual meditations every weekday

Five days a week Jeff offers the opportunity for you to join him on a video conference to meditate for 30 minutes together. This practice will help ground you in the perspectives we are sharing.

Daily practice

I ask each participant to commit to 10 minutes of meditation and a 10 min of journal writing during each day of the intensive.

Optional articulation project

If you choose you are welcome to produce an articulating artifact in the form of a written piece, an art piece, or a performance piece, designed to communicate some aspect of the new paradigm. In doing this we take inspiration from the great cultural creatives of all times who have discovered new realities and articulated it in ways that inspired others to live them.

Foundations of a New Paradigm

Below are three foundational perspective shifts that we will focus on during this Intensive. Each of these will undoubtedly figure prominently in the Paradigm to come.


We live in a continuous reality without gaps or breaks. We see a world of separate things, but nothing is separate in either space or time. Everything is connected. In our current human form we have a limited range of conscious perception. Within that range of perception things appear separate and isolated, but as your perception expands you begin to see the connections that have always been there just below the surface. In Utah there is a grove of trees that on the surface looks like a forest of 40,000 separate trees. If you look beneath the surface of the ground you discover that all those trees are part of one plant that shares a single root system. If we could see beyond our current dimensions of time and space we would discover the unity that lies behind the appearance of separation.


The ability to think, feel and act spontaneously is crucial to the New Paradigm. Our conventional perception of reality emerges directly out of the structure of the current paradigm. That is what makes living from a new paradigm so challenging. All of the normal ways that we think, feel and act occur inside of a set of assumptions about what is possible and what is not that defines the existing paradigm. Trying to move into a New Paradigm from inside the existing one is like trying to pick a rowboat up out of the water while standing inside it. Spontaneity opens up the space for something truly novel to emerge through us. Only when we can put aside our ‘already knowing’ mind and open up to our true creative potential will we gain access to a completely different field of possibility.


Our capacity to be conscious and aware is the most fundamental aspect of our experience. Without it we would not have any idea about existence. We would continue to be, but we would have no way of knowing it. Conscious awareness is the unfathomable mystery and miracle that we all participate in every single instant of every day. The key to entering into a new paradigm is found in liberating our awareness. Our current experience of awareness is shaped by ideas and attitudes that keep us bound inside of a particular perception of reality. If we want to move beyond conventional reality we must explore the nature of consciousness until we open up to a living recognition that consciousness is everywhere. We are not conscious beings living in an unconscious universe. We are organs of perception intimately united with the totality of a living conscious universe.

“The mind, once stretched by a new idea, never returns to its original dimensions.”
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Purpose and Structure

This is a unique offering for those who are ready for a prolonged and concentrated exploration of the new paradigm that is emerging. We are moving out of a paradigm of separation and division into a paradigm of unity and cohesion. The image of ourselves as isolated individuals is yielding to a deep recognition of our existential connection. We live in a universe without breaks or gaps, a continuous reality of which we are an integrated part of a larger whole. In this program we will place sustained attention on an investigation into the new paradigm that will lead to breakthrough shifts in consciousness and in our ability to articulate and share that consciousness with others.


Module 1: Book One
Paradigm Shifting by Jeff Carreira

This short book will take us on an experiential journey of discovery to reveal how our current perception of everything is being shaped by ideas that we hold – consciously and unconsciously – about reality. This book contains a number of exercises and thought experiments of a variety that the author refers to as wormhole inquires. These exercises will give us the opportunity to shift us out of your normal perception of reality into a new one and will create the overarching context for the remainder of the readings of this program. Our exploration of this book will reveals that we live in a conceptual world that is generated by the words that we use to describe and understand it.

Module 1: Book Two
Contingency, Irony and Solidarity by Richard Rorty

In this book we will explore Rorty’s groundbreaking notion that we should not think of language as a system of symbols that point toward a reality that exists independent of them. Instead we should think of language as a set of social customs that define which realities are available for us to experience and which are not. We will go on to explore Rorty’s conviction that philosophers should not busy themselves trying to find the language that best describes reality. Instead they should create language that increases human solidarity by bringing people together in new and novel ways.

Module 2:
Small Arcs of Larger Circles by Nora Bateson

In our second module we read Nora Bateson’s wonderful book which is a paradigm bending exploration of interconnectivity at all levels of being. Drawing on her own extensive experience as well as the work of her father, Gregory Bateson, Bateson challenges the paradigm of separation that we live and critiques the notion of “Systems Theory” that her famous father was instrumental in founding. Systems theory, according to Bateson, is too mechanical to embrace reality as the living, intelligent ecology of mind that it is. She concludes the book by offering her own theory of “Symmathesy” which will offer us a window to explore the true depth of interconnectivity between all aspects of physical, biological, emotional, psychological, intellectual, sociological and spiritual levels of being.

Module 3:
Beyond Biocentrism by Robert Lanza, MD

Our third module will center on the groundbreaking work on Robert Lanza. His book Beyond Biocentrism is a survey through some of the most astonishing discoveries of Quantum Physics. Lanza uses these discoveries to show that the paradigm that we live in is woefully inadequate to explain even the results of our current understanding of science. He then shows how his theory of Biocentrism can account for many of the largest paradox of modern science simply by shifting from a materialistic assumption about reality to one that recognizes the primacy of consciousness in the universe.

Module 4:
Becoming Animal by David Abram

In this book Abram shows us how directly connected we are to the Earth that we live in. We have been trained to assume that our existence is independent from the planet we live on. In this amazing book we will discover that the features of the Earth may be directly responsible for generating the characteristics we have come to associate with being human. We will see how we have grow out of this planet – we are not separate from this planet. In fact, we will discover that it may be more accurate for us to think of ourselves as a feature of planet Earth rather than an organism that happens to live on it.

Dates and Schedule

Lectures will be recorded for those that cannot attend live.



8-9:30pm Eastern

Oct 10
Nov 14
Dec 5
Jan 2
Feb 6
Mar 6
Apr 3
May 1

Q and A’s


12:30-1:30pm Eastern

Oct 14
Nov 18
Dec 9
Jan 6
Feb 10
Mar 10
Apr 7
May 5

What past participants are saying

The Breakthrough Intensive course, with its parallel meditation practice, has opened up a new world of mystery for me, a world that was always already there but hidden from view. Take nothing for granted and life becomes a thrilling journey into possibility and wonder.”

– J. Cameron Duguid, Edinburgh, UK

The texts and Jeff’s lectures were profoundly helpful in providing fresh language and context that opened the door for exploring what it means to live from a paradigm of non-separation. I feel like I am now seeing life through new eyes!

– W. Van Horn, CA, USA

I could not be more excited to be a part of this growing co-learning community with an unspoken agreement to deeply care for each other in the process of giving our best to give birth to newly emerging potentials.

– K. Edwards, NC, USA

The Breakthrough Intensive is a model for future education. The course responds to the needs and aspirations of the highest possibilities with intellectually rigorous, yet experiential, philosophical studies, as well as a nurturing and inspiring container for the creativity that is longing to come through each individual’s unique articulations.

– T. Harper, New York, USA

The Breakthrough Intensive has evolved from a Philosophy course on paradigm shifting into a community intent on creating a new paradigm. I am passionately devoted to this community.

– C. Sweeney, Toronto, CA

Wow, what a year of growth and learning! Especially in the domain of philosophy, a subject I’ve never studied before. One of Jeff’s greatest gifts is his ability to receive the intent of others and nurture that with open-heartedness, enthusiasm and love. I was amazed by the scope, breadth and beauty that has been revealed.

– D. Powell, CA


Register by midnight September 29th to participate in this Special Bonus Workshop:

‘Becoming an Artist of Possibility: Developing your Unique Articulation of a New Paradigm’

Saturday September 30th
Noon – 2pm Eastern time / 9am – 11am Pacific

In this 2-hour workshop you will be guided through a multi-step process designed for you to discover and clarify the highest wisdom that you have to offer the world and determine the best way for you to share it. The workshop will be highly interactive with time set aside to engage with Jeff Carreira and in small groups with other Breakthrough Intensive participants.

During this interactive workshop you will:

  • Identify your deepest source of realization.
  • Describe the highest vision you have to offer.
  • Identify the mediums through which your vision could best be shared with others.
  • Outline a plan for a project that you could realistically complete over time of the Intensive.

This workshop will lay the ground work for the articulation project that you will complete during the Breakthrough Intensive. It will include a detailed worksheet that you will fill out during the workshop so you can record the insights that come out of the process.

* Cancellation Policy *

Refunds are available less a cancellation fee of $75.
No refunds will be given after the program begins on October 10.

About Jeff

Jeff Carreira has single pointedly pursued spiritual awakening for over twenty years. As the Director of Education of an international nonprofit organization he guided the spiritual growth and development of hundreds of individuals worldwide. He continues to lead groups of people through the mysteries of awakening and transformation guiding them into the profound depths of meditative practice and mystical inquiry. His sensitive and precise guidance will invite you into unlimited possibility. His direct and supportive manner of instruction consistently brings both experienced practitioners and novices alike to their most profound realizations. | 2017
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