Calling in an Unimaginable Future

March 15, 2020

The aim of my work is to support people to serve the future as Artists of Possibility. That means supporting people to discover and develop their own unique expression of an unimaginable future.

There are aspects of the future that are imaginable, almost predictable, but there are also things that happen that were unprecedented. These things couldn’t have been predicted and they usher in dramatic change. These are paradigm shifting events and they generally brought about by people who have a profound openness of vision.

Think of a flat Earth to a round Earth, from the Sun going around the Earth, to the Earth going around the Sun, or from disease caused by evil spirits to germs.

I believe the big paradigm shifting leap in consciousness we need now is from a universe of separation, to a universe of Oneness. Those who will usher in that dramatic leap are today’s Artists of Possibility. They are the paradigm shifters.

The idea is simple. We exist as part of a living, conscious universe. The consciousness that we have as an individual is an expression of that higher, universal heart and mind.

Our life, including our thoughts, our loves, and our actions, are already coming from a universal source, but how clear a reflection depends on how open a channel we are.

The deeper source of our being is filtered through our conditioned mental, emotional, and behavioral patterns, and shaped by our deepest assumptions about the nature of reality.

To become an Artist of Possibility we must relax our habits of reactivity and question our most fundamental assumptions about everything. Then we can discover and adopt new ways of understanding and experiencing the world.

In short, we must learn to relax reactivity in order to creatively illuminate new worlds of possibility.

If we embark on this journey, we will eventually find ourselves in an awkward position. We will see clearly that the world as it commonly presents itself, is not nearly the limit of what’s possible and we will want to share the riches of new possibility with anyone who is open to them.

The questions that arise at this point are: What do we share? How do we share it? And do we have the courage to stand behind what we see?

In my work, people use the practice of meditation to relax their deepest habits of reactivity and attain a profound freedom of spirit. By practicing what I call the Art of Conscious Contentment, they discover a profoundly calm and equanimous peace of mind. This liberates them from conditioned patterns of being and it’s an essential step on the journey to new worlds of possibility.

The next step in the journey involves using paradigm shifting philosophical inquiry and experimentation to literally shift our experience of reality. The paradigm we currently exist within is held together by a few assumptions that are buried so deep in our experience that they seem unquestionable.

By questioning assumptions such as the separation between us and the world, or the existence of the self, or the linear passage of time, we uproot the foundations of reality. And once we begin to free ourselves from these assumptions, we can consider different ways of understanding and experiment with different ways of being. This is the work of creatively illuminating new worlds of possibility.

As we relax patterns of reactivity and creatively illuminate new worlds of possibility, our sensitivity to the source of consciousness opens up. We become aware of realms that we were previously blind to. And we feel called to express the love, wisdom and majesty we find there.

We are all reflections of a divine source, but we are not just open channels, we are unique channels, with particular interests and capacities. There is an expression of the cosmos that each of us was born to share, and our spiritual work ultimately means sharing it fully.

What we find as we open to our unique gifts is that they have been part of our lives from the beginning. Even in a semi-conscious state we could not help but express some portion of our gifts. If we keep an open mind, we will see that we are in the perfect position to express our deepest wisdom and love right now.

The different pieces of our life will fit together in new and exciting ways. We will understand why we’ve always been interested in the things we were interested in, studied the things we’ve studied, succeeded in the ways that we have, and failed when we moved to far from our gifts.

Our work now involves choosing the best medium for expression, developing our voice, and allowing our passion to carry us into the life of an Artist of Possibility.

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