Rewiring Perception and Changing the World

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The world shows up for us. We wake up in the morning, open our eyes, and there it is. Like magic it just appears there.

But here’s the problem. We’ve been conditioned to assume that the reason the world shows up that way, is because that’s the way it is. More or less, we generally believe that the world is the way it appears to us.

Can You Demystify the Ineffable?

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The answer to that question is a resounding Yes… and No! In my work as a teacher, I am always attempting to explain the indescribable, ethereal and always awesome realms of spiritual revelation and awakening. I want to demystify these holy realms by describing them in terms that are satisfying to our rationally trained intellects.

Open Receptivity and Spontaneous Creation

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What makes paradigm shifting so challenging is that a new paradigm cannot be built from inside the existing paradigm – and we all live inside the existing paradigm. We have experiences beyond the current paradigm, but we don’t live there because it’s not established enough to live in yet.