Consciously Shifting into Soul Awareness

May 27, 2023

One of the most profound insights my spiritual practice has given me is that there are three different sources of our awareness and we can shift our attention between them. When we learn to move our attention in this way, we open to a new universe of spiritual potential.

You are an Earthbound self, a person born on planet Earth and living a single human lifetime. That is the person you most commonly identify with and that part of you is primarily concerned with the needs of life on Earth. This is our personality and it can be more functional or less functional. It might be concerned with all life on Earth or only with its own existence. It is a beautiful part of who we are, but it is only part of who we are.

You are also a Universal self, the source of all awareness and life in existence. When you look inside deeply enough, you discover that you are not anything that you can be aware of, because you are the awareness that is aware of everything. This is the Self-Absolute that we discover in non-dual experiences of Oneness, and it is the deepest source of who we are.

Finally, you are a soul, a higher dimensional energetic being that is the life-giving force behind your human form. The soul lives many lifetimes and is compelled by only one motive – to return to perfect union with the source from which it came. The soul is the source of our spiritual passions and higher aspirations.

The focus of my practice right now, and what I want to share on my upcoming retreats, is the shift in attention that brings us into the Soul’s awareness.

The Universal self is the ultimate source of awareness, but it is pure awareness without anything to perceive. The Soul is a projection from the source that creates the potential for experience. The source and the soul are infinite and exist beyond the material world of three dimensional space and time. The pure awareness of source reflects on the potentials of the soul to create experienced realities. A very small portion of the soul’s energetic range belongs to the human spectrum. Only in that small band of energies does the material world and the human experience come into being. Outside of that range they do not exist.

Human reality is a tiny part of the souls total potential for creation, but human attention is almost exclusively focused on that small range of possibilities. Spiritual breakthroughs occur when our attention slips out beyond the edges of what is normally possible and recognizes the infinite expanse of higher potentials beyond. In those brief instances of breakthrough, human attention merges with the higher perceptual capacities of the soul.

My spiritual work right now is focused on deliberately shifting our attention into the higher realms of the soul’s awareness where we discover that our material human form is only one of many possible realities. As we learn to rest in those higher potentials we see that we are not a material individual, we are a field of possibility, and by focusing attention on new possibilities, they are illuminated into realities.

I am calling this creative practice transdimensional illumination, and this is what I intend to teach in my upcoming retreats. I believe that transdimensional illumination allows us to actualize our full spiritual potential.

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