Core Programs

August 6 – 12, 2018

The Miracle of Meditation
and Awakening to Paradigm Shifting

Six – Day Summer Retreat

Highland Lake Cove, Flat Rock, NC

This retreat is an opportunity to explore practices and ideas that have the power to dramatically shift you out of your current experience of reality and into a new one. The goal of these six days is to give as many people as possible a paradigm shifting experience along with the understanding and insight necessary to live and articulate the new way of being they discover.


Begins June 2018

Opening To The Infinite

Virtual 12 Month Program

with Jeff Carreira and Craig Hamilton

This program has grown out of our mutual commitment to support as many people as possible to stabilize their awakening and in so doing create a more Enlightened world. In the Opening to the Infinite program you will explore four essential elements that allow you to maintain contact with the subtle consciousness that many of us taste, but find much harder to live in. Come together in the miracle of illuminated heart and mind and join us.

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Registration opens July 2018

The Mystery School for a New Paradigm Members Circle

For those who aspire to work together to bring a New Paradigm of Being to Life.

Online Subscription Program

The Members Circle is designed to provide structures to nurture and inspire those of us who are exploring the edge of the possible.


Oct 2019 to June 2020

The Breakthrough Intensive

Articulating a New Reality

Virtual program with 4 day retreat

This 8 month intensive is for people who are called to be articulators of a new possibility. Many of us recognize the need for our society to undergo a significant shift in paradigm. We also know that we have something to contribute if we could communicate it clearly. Are you one of these people?

Course currently in session; registration closed.

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