Falling in Love with the Way Things Are

Sophie Peirce

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Discover how to:

— Expand into the fullness of who you are
— Access unimaginable creative potential
— Experience an unlimited sense of possibility

Creative ideas and solutions are needed in our world now more than ever.
Yet the need generally exceeds what most of us have the capacity to know is possible.

In this audio series you will be gently guided in questioning fundamental assumptions you may hold – about who you are, how you operate, the ultimate purpose of meditation, and whats possible for the world – to put yourself in the greatest position possible to expand reality in ways that were previously unimaginable… in ways you never have before.

You will be guided to open to unlimited possibility and creative potential and ways of knowing outside of our usual limited sense of self.

With love,

What you will discover in this course:

— Session 1:
Meditation is like Falling in Love

  • How the metaphors we use to describe and hold our meditation, shape our experience of meditation and whats possible
  • How a shift away from the metaphor of ‘meditation as practice’ to something far more powerful can help avoid common meditation pitfalls and lead to an experience of deep attentiveness, awareness, receptiveity and openness
  • Have the experience of directly recognizing the ultimate purpose of meditation, of releasing your whole being, wholeheartedly into the main event of life, here and now, in the present moment

— Session 2:
Unlimited Possibilities

  • Why meditation is important and what it allows – beyond inner freedom.
  • The role the mind plays and the role the self sense plays in creating our experience of reality.
  • The bigger, inspiring culturally transformative context for meditating.
  • The phenomena of “Maze brightness” that you may have experienced without realising it
  • A key to profoundly changing your experience of reality and whats possible.

— Session 3:
Awakening Spontaneous Creativity

  • What is creativity? What are we pointing to when we say something is creative?
  • Why untapped creativity is important now more than ever.
  • The difference between spontaneous insight (or intuition) and understanding.
  • How our mind and our stories limit the creative process, meaning limiting “the capacity of consciousness to spontaneous generate sensation”
  • How meditation is a way of slipping out beyond mind and our stories, into pure imagination and creative potential, and increased ability to imagine new possibilities that are so dramatically needed for the world.

Here’s what you will receive when you start:

A welcome email that gives you immediate access to the online course portal

Three Dharma Talks (One per session)

Three Guided Meditations (One per session)

The 43 page accompanying E-book

Falling in Love with the Way Things Are: An Exploration of Meditation, Creativity and Unlimited Possibility
by Jeff Carreira

What Others are Saying

“Utterly reorienting in the best, deepest and most liberating way.”

“I now understand the power of meditation in a much deeper way than ever before.”

“Brilliant and consciousness changing!”

“It opened me up to a new recognition of who I am and I am very grateful for that.”

About Jeff Carreira

Jeff Carreira is a contemporary mystic, a spiritual guide and a philosopher who teaches meditation and transformative philosophy throughout the world.

As a spiritual guide, Jeff offers retreats and courses leading individuals in a form of meditation called The Practice of No Problem. Using this simple and effective orientation toward meditation Jeff has guided thousands of people on journeys beyond the confines of fear and self-concern into the expansive liberated awareness that is our true home.

Jeff is passionate about defining a new way of being in the world that will move us from our current paradigm of separation and isolation into an emerging paradigm of unity and wholeness. He actively explores, writes about and teaches some of the innovative and new perspectives in the domains of spirituality, consciousness and human development.

Jeff has created a series of courses teaching Transformative Philosophy that introduce people to ideas that can radically shift their perspective. In all of his teaching work he empowers people to question their experience so deeply that previously unquestioned assumptions fall away creating the space for new understanding to emerge.

One of the most universally admired characteristics of Jeff’s teaching style is that he takes the position of a pathfinder, traveling the journey with those he teaches, skillfully sharing his understanding and supporting others to grow into their own discoveries while always leaving the space for people to come to their own conclusions based on their own deepest experience.

Jeff is the author of six books including, The Miracle of Meditation, The Practice of No Problem, Radical Inclusivity and The Soul of a New Self.