An Initiation in The Practice of No Problem – About Meditation

Sophie Peirce

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Enter into deep meditative states in minutes by engaging with The Practice of No Problem.

This 9-part audio program is the definitive introduction to a powerful and transformative form of meditation called The Practice of No Problem. Jeff Carreira has been developing this unique way of teaching meditation for the past decade and it has been successfully used by thousands of people from around the world to experience profound states of liberated awareness.

So many of us today suffer from fear, anxiety and compulsive worry. These habits of self-concern consume our energy and keep us bound up so that we are unavailable to live fully. The Practice of No Problem meditation that you will explore in this audio program has a proven track record of helping people let go of unnecessary self-concern and enter into a consistent experience of contentment and joy.

When you engage with the material in this course you will see how human consciousness tends to be characterized by anxiety and fear. This is the baseline of our consciousness, the state of mind we return habitually to over and over again. This is a habit of consciousness and The Practice of No Problem will help you break it.

When you meditate according to the simple instructions you find in this program you will discover that it is possible to consciously choose to be content. That means that no matter what happens and no matter what you experience, you can allow it to be OK the way it is.

This deceptively simple technique turns out to be more challenging than it appears, but the instructions and practices in this program will guide you through the challenges so that you can master the technique.

By giving your focus and attention to this meditation during the short time that it takes you to complete the program, you will begin to experience results that are nothing less than miraculous.

You will find an inner freedom that is always right here in the middle of the experience you’re already having. And as you learn to embrace the way things already are, your energy is liberated, your attention is liberated, and you become profoundly available to experience all of life as if for the first time. It is like being reborn into your own life.

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What you will discover in this course:

— Session 1:

Releasing Anxiety, Worry and Self-Concern

In this session you will receive instructions for The Practice of No Problem method and you will discover how this form of meditation can eliminate anxiety, worry and self-concern.

— Session 2:

Meditation Made Easy

In this session you will discover that deep peace is always available to us in every moment. You will learn from Jeff’s own experience of personal tragedy that it is possible to find a settled mind under any circumstance.

— Session 3:

From Freedom to Illumination

In this session you will learn how the practice of meditation allows us to break the mental habit of assuming that something is wrong so that our mind becomes free to experience deeper spiritual wonders.

— Session 4:

Letting go of the Voices in Your Head

In this session you will learn to distinguish between the different types of voices that we often hear in our minds. You will see that these voices are habits of thought that can be easily ignored once we learn not to identify with them.

— Session 5:

There is No Way to Meditate Wrong

In this session you will take a deeper look at the instructions for The Practice of Having No Problem and you will discover that there is literally no way to do it wrong.

— Session 6:

The Miracle Is Here Now

In this session you will find that the miracle of meditation is yours as soon as you stop looking for it in your ideas about it. The miraculous ease of being and inner freedom we seek is always found in the one place we never think to look – the experience we’re having right now.

— Session 7:

Seeing through the Mind

In this session you will explore the subtleties of practice and learn how to keep your practice fresh and inspired. You will also learn how consistent practice will rewire your nervous system so that you find yourself being less and less reactive in life.