Live Virtual Course

12 Weeks

March 21st to June 13th, 2020

Awakening to a New Paradigm: A 12-Week Intensive that Opens Your Mind and Senses to a New Reality

Release the conscious and unconscious filters that bind you into the dominant paradigm of separation, division and isolation, and enter into the newly emerging paradigm of wholeness, unity and mutuality.

with Jeff Carreira


9 Sessions


The Art of Conscious Contentment: An Initiation in The Practice of No Problem

This 9-part program is the definitive introduction to a powerful and transformative form of meditation called The Practice of No Problem.

with Jeff Carreira


60 Days


The Miracle of Meditation 60 Day

Be guided on a powerful journey to the depths of meditative awareness. Experience a radical freedom from the confines of repetitive thought and experience a new identification with the unbounded nature of consciousness and love.

with Jeff Carreira

Free ebook & eCourse

5 Parts

Philosophy Is Not A Luxury

This program is designed to inspire and fuel your own thinking, they contain deep philosophical insights in straightforward easy to understand language.

with Jeff Carreira

Free eCourse

6 Sessions

Secrets of Profound Meditation

In this program you will work with six spiritual insights that will take you step by step into a profound recognition of awakened consciousness.

with Jeff Carreira

Free Workshop

60 mins

Life Without Fear: Meditation as an Antidote to Anxiety

In this workshop, you will learn that a great deal of the anxiety we feel is a cultural habit of worry and self-concern, and that meditation is being widely recognized as a means of breaking that habit.

with Jeff Carreira