The Miracle of Meditation 30 Day Program

Jeff Carreira

The Miracle of Meditation 30 Day Program
Daily Guidance for Liberating Awareness and Discovering Your True Self
with Jeff Carreira
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30 x Daily Live Teachings
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Guidelines to Optimise your Experience

The Miracle of Meditation
(New Edition)

July 17th - August 15th, 2021
A Unique Opportunity to Work Live with Jeff Carreira Everyday for 30-Days.

I'm very happy to invite you to participate in a special 30-day program.

The intention of this program is to give you the chance for a sustained experience of awakening.

In offering this course, you have the opportunity to experience the kind of dramatic freedom that can be unleashed through daily engagement with the miracle of meditation.

The primary reason that I teach meditation is to support people to let go of the limited sense of self, enter into the mystery of not-knowing, rest in the miracle of pure awareness, and finally to discover your True Unlimited Self.

This is the four part journey that you will embark on during this 30-day program.

  • Letting go of the limited sense of self.
  • Entering into the mystery of not-knowing.
  • Resting in the miracle of pure awareness.
  • Discovering your True Unlimited Self.

During each of the 30 days, I will be offering daily hour long video conference calls starting at 11:30am (US Eastern Time).

You can join those calls with me live, or you can listen to the recordings that will be available later that day.

In each of the calls I will offer teachings and guidance to support your practice and inquiry. We will also sit in silence together, and you will have time to ask questions and share your own experience.

The real benefit is that you will be constantly supported to focus your attention on the most profound aspects of meditation.

You will continually be encouraged to let go of all of your habitual ways of perceiving, so that you can experience the depth of enlightened vision that you truly want.

When you register for this course you will receive a free copy of the new edition of my book The Miracle of Meditation. This book contains all of the essential insights that can liberate your heart and mind.

I hope you will join me for this journey into enlightened awareness.


The Work We Will Focus On
Part 1
Letting Go of the Limited Sense of Self

In this program you will continually discover how to let go of the habitual ways that you have learned to relate to yourself. The sense of identity that has always accompanied you through life, will gradually fall away. Letting go of the sense of self is like removing a heavy iron straight-jacket that you didn’t know you were wearing. You will stop experiencing through the lens of separation and enter direct contact with reality as it is.

Part 2
Entering into the Mystery of Not-Knowing

You will also be guided during this program to let go of any ideas you hold about anything. You will learn to simply let thoughts float past you without assuming they mean anything at all. Eventually you will enter the restful vast open space of non-conceptual awareness. You will stop trying to understand anything and you will discover what it truly means to relax and surrender.

Part 3
Resting in the Miracle of Pure Awareness
Once you have entered the miracle of pure awareness, the only thing remaining is the experience of experience. There will be no sense of someone experiencing, and no sense of what is being experienced. The only focus remaining is the awareness of awareness. As you rest in this blissful state of consciousness all of the unconscious constraints that limit your perception will open into greater inner vision.
Part 4
Discovering Your True Unlimited Self
As your inner vision opens you will begin to see new and previously impossible possibilities. It will become obvious that you were never only a separate entity, housed in a physical body, living out a limited lifespan. You are the awareness that is aware. You are the consciousness that shines through all things. You are the infinite being that lives through the entire cosmos.
The Daily Themes of the Program
Resist the temptation to move from where you already are.
Meditation does not need an idea of “me” to support it.
Go all the way now—not in the future—in this moment.
The mind can never take you to where God is.
Nothing you do will ever bring you any nearer to the unknown.
It is your responsibility to destroy all doubt!
Who is judging the progress of your meditation?
Once you move away from a thought, it is as if the thought was never there.
Discover the part of you that never gets lost in thought.
Letting everything be as it is, couldn’t possibly require any effort.
It was never really you that was going to be liberated to begin with.
Meditation is not a means to an end. It is an end in itself.
Stop listening to the voice in your mind that sounds like you talking to yourself.
Are you willing to be perfectly content and at peace with the person you already are?
Let the instructions meditate for you.
If you know that you are going to let everything be as it is, then there is nothing left to do.
Like a river that always flows beyond the mind, the meditation is always there.
There are no shortcuts to meditation.
Accept that you will never understand what you have been trying to know.
Doubt arises when you insist on trying to know the unknowable.
Twenty One
You are not the originator of the movements of your mind.
Twenty Two
Having no identity does not mean not knowing who you are. It means not being there to know anything.
Twenty Three
Live with reckless indifference to the future.
Twenty Four
There is no one meditating, there is only an explosion of life.
Twenty Five
When you have no memory there is no you.
Twenty Six
Enlightenment is the humbling recognition that there has always been something more important than “you” happening.
Twenty Seven
Recognize that you are a free-floating awareness, and meditation will become very deep, very quickly.
Twenty Eight
Surrender means giving up control.
Twenty Nine
Trust in yourself. Trust in life. Be unguarded, undefended, and open.
Enlightenment is all about being who you already are.
“Enlightenment has nothing to do with becoming the person I think I need to be. It is all about being who I already am.”
A Summary of
What’s Included:
30 Live Video Conference Teachings with Jeff Carreira
  • Each day there will be a live hour long call on Zoom with me starting at 11:30am US Eastern Time. These sessions will incorporate teachings, meditation and Q and A.
30 Audio Recordings of the Daily Teachings
  • Each hour long call will be recorded and made available a few hours later in the online portal.
Detailed Instructions for Setting Up a Sacred Space for Practice
  • As the time for the retreat draws near you will receive 'Guidelines for Creating Sacred Space and Virtual Participation'
Suggestions for Different Schedules
  • A range of schedules will be provided to accomodate different time requirements and availabilities
Instructions for Optimizing your Program Experience
  • You will receive instructions for a daily journaling practice and suggestions for adding additional periods of meditation to your schedule.
An Online Course Portal
  • The protected online portal will contain the materials you will use in the program and serve as a platform for communicating with Jeff.
You will also receive...
Image Image
A free copy of the new edition of:
The Miracle of Meditation
by Jeff Carreira
This book contains an intimate firsthand account of a profound journey of awakening. During the summer of 2001, Jeff Carreira went on a silent meditation retreat for 60 days. During that time, he was swept up in a succession of spiritual openings and energetic breakthroughs that have inspired all of the teaching and writing he has done ever since. Each day of the retreat is represented here with an excerpt taken from the actual diary he kept on retreat. The writing is lucid and immediate, providing a unique glimpse of an inner unfolding that led to the disillusion of the sense of separation and the discovery of perfect peace and wholeness. This second edition printing has been exquisitely designed and illustrated with images that include pages taken directly from the original notebook kept during the retreat.
The Miracle of Meditation
30 Day Meditation Journal
Also included in this course is a beautifully designed journal with space for your insights and reflections during each day of the course. When the course ends this journal will be a record of your inner journey that you can refer to for years to come.
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The registration fee of $250 includes full participation in the 30 day Miracle of Meditation program.

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Jeff Carreira
Jeff Carreira
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