Thank you for your interest in my book Online Business for Spiritual Visionaries.

In this book you will explore crucial insights that will allow you to own and operate a successful online business. The type of business you'll be learning about is one that offers life-transforming ideas in the form of books and programs that can be delivered over the internet. This is the kind of business that Jeff Carreira has been involved with for over twenty years. The success that he has enjoyed rests primarily on three things that you will explore in detail in these pages.

  1. Learning to create and maintain simple business systems.
  2. Focusing your energy on the content you love to create.
  3. Building community among the people who love what you do.

You will learn how to build an audience, create online products, communicate effectively, and deliver real value consistently, as well as the platforms and services you can use to support your business.

This book was written for spiritual visionaries or what Jeff calls 'Artists of Possibility'. That means people who have devoted themselves, for years or even decades, to an inner quest for wisdom. They have journeyed out beyond the familiar, encountered extraordinary possibilities, and have returned wanting to share their discoveries with others. This probably sounds a lot like you. If you have wisdom that you know would benefit others, this book will support you to set up a simple and sustainable business to share it.

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