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The Miracle of Meditation Short Course

8 short essays and 2 guided meditations over 10 days

Living into a new paradigm requires a mind that is free and wide open. Begin your training by liberating yourself from anxiety & fear with my FREE and 10 part e-course.


Step 2:

An Initiation in The Practice of No Problem

A 9-session audio program with study materials and transcripts

This 9-part audio program is the definitive introduction to a powerful and transformative form of meditation called The Practice of No Problem. Jeff Carreira has been developing this unique way of teaching meditation for the past decade and it has been successfully used by thousands of people from around the world to experience profound states of liberated awareness..


Step 3:

Falling in Love with the Way Things Are

3 Guided meditations, 3 Dharma Talks + 43 page E-book

Creative ideas and solutions are needed in our world now more than ever. Yet the need generally exceeds what most of us have the capacity to know is possible. Put yourself in the greatest position possible to expand reality in ways that were previously unimaginable… in ways you never have before with Jeff’s most recent audio course.


Step 4

Embrace All That You Are:

Meditation as a Path to Wholeness

8 Dharma Talks, 8 Guided Meditations + 160 page e-book

A comprehensive guide to Jeff Carreira’s powerful approach to meditation, full of essential insights and perspectives that will deepen your practice.


Step 5:

The Miracle of Meditation 60 Day

A new 20min Guided Meditation daily for 60 Days
+ 100 page E-book

This is a 60 day program of daily powerful spiritual guidance and meditation, designed to take you to a new awareness. You will receive instruction and guidance in the art and science of meditation from a master practitioner and teacher.


Step 6:

Radical Inclusivity:

Expanding Ones Mind Beyond Dualistic Thinking

8 Lecture sessions, 20 Daily Contemplations
+ 160 page e-book

Radical Inclusivity is a way of understanding a new reality and the consciousness that goes along with it. It is also an approach to philosophical inquiry that opens up profound potentials and possibilities. As you explore each chapter of the book with the benefit of extensive commentary and 20 days of philosophical reflection you will discover a new way to understand who you are and the nature of reality, and it leave you pondering questions you never knew you could ask.