Living in Spiritual Abundance, A Two Hour Seminar with Jeff Carreira Feb. 2020

Sophie Peirce

Discover how to generate joy, fullness and abundance in your life.
2 Hour Seminar - 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
February 7th, 2020
AnandaOm 460 Rue Sainte-Catherine O, Suite 908, ​​Montreal, QC H3B 1A6, Canada
“Abundance is not something we acquire. It is something we tune into.”
~ Dr. Wayne Dyer

If you’re the kind of person who can effortlessly attract anything you want into your life, then there’s probably no reason for you to attend this seminar, but honestly, everyone else should.

I feel absolutely blessed by the abundance that continually manifests in my life, and my gratitude for the life I’ve been given compels me to share what I’ve learned about creating overflowing abundance with you.

The idea of abundance is often limited to financial concerns, but in this seminar you will learn that true abundance includes, but is never limited to, money.

Real abundance means being able to do what you want, with who you want, when you want, for the reasons you want.

Unfortunately, most of us find ourselves spending too much time doing things we don’t really want to do, with people we don’t necessarily want to be with, at times that don’t work for us, and largely for someone else’s benefit.

If you think more money is going get you out of this, think again - there are just as many wealthy people tied up doing things they’d rather not be doing than there are poor people.

In this seminar you will learn that the key to abundance is shifting how you think about abundance.
  • All forms of abundance in life start with what I call spiritual abundance, or the recognition of the inherent fullness of life.
  • In this seminar you will learn the five secrets of spiritual abundance that allow you to generate more and more fulfillment, happiness and freedom in your life.
During this evening you will engage in exercises that:
  • prove that abundance is possible right now.
  • reveal the one thing that truly attracts abundance.
  • illuminate what your true passion is and how to live it.

There is only so much work we can do in two hours, but I am committed to giving you everything that I can in the time we have.

If the possibility of abundance calls to you please invest a small amount of money and a little time to discover abundance.

REGISTER Here - $23

Pricing is in $US, and per person.

US$23 is approx. CAD$30
Cost at the door is US$30 / CAD$40.

Jeff Carreira
Jeff Carreira
If you ask Jeff Carreira what he’s most excited about he will reply without hesitation—“cultivating the conditions for the emergence of a new paradigm by supporting as many individuals as possible to articulate their deepest realization of truth.” Mystical philosopher, spiritual guide, teacher, writer and lecturer —are just a few descriptors that come to mind when describing Carreira and his extensive career as a seeker, student and teacher.
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