The Experience of Luminous Absorption, Pendle Hill, May 2021

Jeff Carreira

Receive the depth of attention you need to catalyze spiritual breakthrough during this seven day awakening intensive with Jeff Carreira
Silent Retreat - 7 Days
May 21st - 27th, 2021
Pendle Hill Retreat Center, 321 Plush Mill Rd, Wallingford, PA 19086

This weeklong retreat is an opportunity to spend seven days in silent meditation guided step by step through a process of release and awakening.

It is a true intensive and I want to explain it carefully to be sure that you are ready for the depth of practice you will encounter on this retreat.

We will be working together intimately, and everyone will receive the depth of attention they need to catalyze spiritual breakthrough. Your retreat experience will include a 20 minute private meeting with Jeff.

The setting for the retreat is perfect – the beautiful Pendle Hill Retreat Center just outside Philadelphia.

The structure and format of the retreat is designed with enough focus and intensity to ensure that you will experience profound release from the limits of your ordinary consciousness.

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Qualities of the Retreat
  • The retreat will be held in silence – 24 hours a day – for the entire retreat.
  • We will engage in practice sessions throughout each day from early morning into the evening.
  • You will be encouraged not to make contact with people outside of the retreat for either personal or business reasons except in cases of emergencey.
  • All you have to do is meditate and be taken care of.

This structure will give you the opportunity to totally surrender to your practice. You will have the sacred luxury of being able to let go of all reference points so that your consciousness can expand in ways it never has before.

You will be fully supported to let go throughout the retreat.

There will be two sessions with me each day in which you will receive spiritual guidance to optimize your practice as well as the opportunity to ask any questions that arise.

During the retreat you will enjoy highly nutritious vegetarian meals loving prepared for us three times a day.

The schedule will include time for individual contemplation, journaling and short walks on the beautiful grounds of the retreat center.

Friday, May 21 at 5:00pm
  • Retreat begins with registration followed by dinner.
Thursday, May 27 at 11:00am
  • Retreat ends after morning session.
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The Experience of Luminous Absorption

This retreat is dedicated to the profound attainment of spiritual clarity. Many years ago I left conventional life to pursue spiritual awakening. I knew that the way I perceived reality was shaped by conscious and unconscious fears, desires and limiting beliefs, and I wanted to see things clearly. I wanted to see reality unfiltered, as it actually was, free from distortion.

For decades I pursued the dream of clarity, and my time spent on retreat was such an important part of my journey that I feel compelled to create that opportunity for others. It was during those times of focused practice that I could cast aside the concerns of life and devote all of my energy to spiritual awakening and deep meditation.

If you want to experience the true potential of practice, you need to have the opportunity to give all of yourself to it for extended periods of time.

If we are practice diligently in a retreat environment, we will discover a passion for detachment. Day after day our perception becomes increasingly liberated from the influence of fear, desire and limiting beliefs. We begin to see Reality for ourselves. We see the true majesty of life and the subtle inner workings of the cosmos. Life's challenges and suffering don't go away, but now they are seen within a context that is vast enough to hold them.

The more our consciousness clears, the more clarity we want. The more clarity we want, the more passion and energy we have for practice. The more passion and energy we have for practice, the more we give to it. And the more we give to our practice, the more clear we become.

In this way our growing passion for clarity fuels the intensity of our meditation, and the greater clarity we experience inspires deeper practice. We enter a powerful upward spiral of accelerating awakening. We have become the source of our own inspiration, and at that point we realize that there is nothing that can stop us.

The design of this retreat incorporates everything I've learned over many years of practice to create a potent opportunity for awakening.

I’m thrilled to be able to offer this opportunity to you.

There is no way to know how deep any of us will ultimately go, but I can honestly say that this retreat represents the very best of what I've learned and experienced over thirty years of intensive spiritual pursuit.

Retreat House Location

The location for this retreat is the beautiful Pendle Hill Retreat Center, just outside Philadelphia.

Pendle Hill Retreat Center
321 Plush Mill Rd,
Wallingford, PA 19086

What past silent retreat participants said about their experience...

“The deepest dive of surrender…

The environment of this retreat generated an opening into the deepest dive of surrender that I have ever experienced.”

~ Carol Sweeney, South Africa.

“Exhilarating freedom, love, gratitude, wonder and reverence.”

Losing myself in exhilarating freedom, love, gratitude, wonder and reverence. Deep abiding peace and contentment. The sheer joy of unlimited endless possibility. Life changing.”

~ Kathy Steevens, Australia.

“An experience beyond measure…

True surrender, true letting go, authentic and palpable trust – an experience beyond measure… We were deeply taken care of, our bodies nurtured in yoga, in silence, in slow appreciation of our glorious surroundings…”

~ Bonnie Winer, USA.

“Life felt renewed.”

My mind blossomed with new inspirations and possibilities – in ways that had previously seemed unavailable. The giving up of cell phones and watches exploded my attachment to the everyday world in a way I did not think was possible. It was scary and exhilarating and meaningful beyond words.”

~ Steve Gross, USA.

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Join me at Pendle Hill in May, 2021

Retreat price includes all food and accommodation during the entire retreat.

If you feel this depth of practice calling you and you long for the opportunity to catalyze profound spiritual breakthrough, please register below.

Cancellation Policy
  • If you need to cancel, a full refund minus a $200 cancelation fee will be offered, but only refunded if and when your spot is filled.
Jeff Carreira
Jeff Carreira
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