Experience the Miracle of Meditation:
A Free 2-Hour Seminar

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During this free seminar I share the most profound miracle that my spiritual life has blessed me with.

What is the miracle of meditation?
The miracle is realizing that you have the power to liberate your awareness from the illusion of separation and isolation into the reality of unity and wholeness – and you can do this using nothing but your own focused attention and conscious surrender.

I discovered this miracle in a dramatic way during a two-month silent meditation retreat in the summer of 2001. During the months of July and August, I was engaged with spiritual practice from 4:00am to 10:00pm everyday.

During that retreat I kept a journal and in my entry for the first day I wrote, “It is obvious, if I make effort, I will be awake.” That was the miracle. The power to be awake was already mine.

I was elated because I knew that I could let go of the habitual patterns of my mind. For the next sixty days I experienced greater and greater freedom. It was like arriving in my life for the first time – the ultimate homecoming.

During this Miracle of Meditation seminar, you will learn and practice some of the most crucial insights I have to offer.

These insights will illuminate the path that leads beyond the illusion of isolation, separation and fear, to the realization of unity, wholeness, and love.

The possibility of this radical awakening is always present in the experience of each and every moment, as long as you know how to look.

In this seminar, I offer meditation instruction and guidance that will direct your attention in ways that give you access to your own true inner potential for freedom.

Seminar Recording
July 18th - August 16th
30 Days (1 hour live each day)
Virtual Offfering
The intention of this program is to give you the chance for a sustained experience of awakening. As a participant you will have the opportunity to experience the kind of dramatic freedom that can be unleashed through daily engagement with the miracle of meditation.
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larry demerritt
larry demerritt
1 month ago

Wonderful, and a lot of intellectual veils did part for me. I hope I am clearly seeing it now as pure consciousness and the content of consciousness in relationship one to the other.