Guided Meditations

Who’s Aware of Awareness

We are conscious beings which means we are aware. We perceive things. We experience things. And one of the things that we experience is our own awareness. In this session we will embark on a mind bending inquiry into how it is that we are able to turn our attention in on itself and who it is that does that. In this mystical twist of awareness we discover the mystery of who we really are.

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Embody Your Meditation

Because sitting meditation doesn’t involve movement it is sometimes thought to be disembodied. Unfortunately this thinking falls into the same assumption of division between mind and body that most body awareness advocates are trying to move beyond. In this session we will work specifically with our bodies during our practice to see how they can become a natural vehicle for deep meditation. In fact you will see that it is not your mind alone that meditates. Meditation is a practice that occurs in your whole body. I think you will be amazed at how this body-centered approach to meditation will supercharge your practice.

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Spiritual Freedom and Illumination

In this hourlong session Jeff begins by discussing a shift that occurred while he was leading a recent 5-day Emergence Event. He goes to explore the distinction between spiritual freedom and spiritual illumination stating that Awakening consists of both. Spiritual freedom. is won by releasing our habitual patterns of thought, feeling and being. Spiritual illumination consists of the cascades of insights and realization that arise naturally from the empty depths of freedom that we discover once we let go. In this practice session you will explore how spiritual freedom is won through The Practice of No Problem so that the gifts of illumination can enlighten your heart and mind.

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