Life Without Fear:
Meditation as an Antidote to Anxiety
Resources for Remaining Calm Through the Turbulence of Life

You won’t necessarily change your life in a heartbeat, but if you shift your set point and live from a place of equanimity and trust...You will build a different life."

Anxiety is a modern epidemic. So many of us today live under the cloud of a foreboding sense that something is wrong. Even when we feel happy, there is a part of us that remains on guard. The symptoms of anxiety, tension, and stress are well known to us, but the antidotes to this modern malady often seem elusive.

In the Life Without Fear program you will learn that a great deal of the anxiety we feel is a cultural habit of worry and self-concern, and that meditation is being widely recognized as a means of breaking that habit.

You will explore a form of meditation that Jeff Carreira calls The Practice of No Problem. Practicing this simple technique reveals the true source of our anxiety, and allows you to transcend it and liberate yourself from fear, worry and self-concern.

Short Workshop Introduction

Workshop Recording (90 mins)

In this workshop you will see that your anxiety is seldom caused by whatever you think you are afraid of. It is caused by habitual patterns of thought and feeling that attach themselves to whatever you happen to be afraid of. This negative emotional patterning amplifies your fears leading to anxiety and even panic. You will learn how the practice of meditation can create space between you and your negative emotional patterns so that you can see exactly how they work. Once you see them for what they are, they cease to have the power over you that they once had.

Meditation - "Relax and Let Go" (20 mins)

In this meditation you will be guided through the process of relaxation and into the Practice of No Problem. You will discover the power of this practice as you work with it. This meditation is designed to be done daily as time allows so that you can build a baseline of calm and peace in your life.

Meditation - "Relax and Let Go When You're Feeling Anxious" (20 mins)

Of course there are ties when our anxieties overwhelm us and build until they take over our emotions and even our physical body. This meditation is designed to be done when you are having a panic attack. It will guide you through the process of grounding your emotions and returning to clarity.

The Art of
Conscious Contentment
An Initiation in The Practice of No Problem
with Jeff Carreira
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