The Miracle of Meditation | 60 DAY AUDIO COURSE




This is a 60 day program of daily powerful spiritual guidance and meditation, designed to take you to a new awareness.

You will receive instruction and guidance in the art and science of meditation from a master practitioner and teacher. You will also recieve:

  • Jeff Carreira’s e-book 'The Miracle of Meditation: A Gradual Opening into Unbroken Trust'.
  • 60 x 20min downloadable guided meditations
  • A daily question to contemplate to deepen your insight and understanding
  • A detailed instruction guide to support you to optimize your experience.
  • The option to join a private Facebook Group where you can have your questions answered

If you devote 20 minutes each day to meditation you will start on a path of awakening that can change your life. All you need to do is sit quietly listening to the guidance offered and hold the question for contemplation lightly for the rest of the day. A delicate and beautiful inner space will open up inside of you. You will find yourself letting go of reactivity, and something miraculous will begin to dawn on you. At the core of your being lies a source of profound peace and awareness. This deep part of you is always awake, free and content — no matter what you think or feel.

Jeff Carreira has guided people throughout the world into the profound depths of meditative practice. His direct and precise instruction will invite you to the very edge of unlimited possibility.

All you have to do is let go and step in.

His manner of instruction has brought many people – experienced practitioners and novices alike – to their most profound meditative realizations.

What others are saying

“This 60-day meditation course is the most dynamic meditation course I have ever taken. Jeff’s heartfelt presence is apparent. I feel like he is sitting next to me guiding me into deep meditation each morning..”