Opening Your Heart
to the Challenge of Crisis
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with Jeff Carreira
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This seminar is designed for those of us who have spent months, years and even decades doing spiritual work and developing our inner self. 

Perhaps without realizing it, we have been cultivating the qualities of an open heart and an open mind that is exactly what is needed now.

In short, we were training for a moment like this. 

In these times of global challenge, there is an almost overwhelming temptation to succumb to the pressures of fear and panic - but we don’t have to!

In times of crisis, it is possible to go in the opposite direction. Even under pressure we can open rather than shrink. By opening in this way we discover the twin powers of vulnerability - we become more sensitive to what is happening at the same time that we expand our perspective on it.

This combination of increased sensitivity and widening perspective allows us to see clearly within a context that allows for truly creative responses to emerge.

Please join me for a special two-hour workshop and build greater capacity to open your heart to the challenge of crisis.

This workshop was offered via video conference at no cost.

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The workshop was recorded for those that could not attend live.
“The new paradigm will include a deep recognition of the fact that everything that exists comes into existence as part of a larger circumstance.

To initiate a shift into this paradigm of interdependence, we must question our assumptions of separation so deeply that we shift our perception of reality altogether.”

― Jeff Carreira

Jeff Carreira
Jeff Carreira
To put it simply, I support people to live a spiritually inspired life, free from the constraints of fear, worry and self-doubt, and aligned with their own deepest sense of meaning and purpose. I lead retreats throughout the world and run longer training programs to develop the teaching capacities of others. I am the founder and lead teacher of The Mystery School for a New Paradigm – a virtual practice and study community that provides guidance and inspiration to a global group of awakening individuals.