“A Beginner’s Guide to the Miracle of Meditation”

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Spiritual Illuminations with Jeff Carreira
Spiritual Illuminations with Jeff Carreira
"A Beginner’s Guide to the Miracle of Meditation"

In this episode Jeff Carreira offers a profound and comprehensive introduction to his teachings on meditation.

This is a rare opportunity for those of you who are newer to Jeff’s work to start your practice in the perfect way. Of course, those who have been practicing with him for years will find plenty to inspire and illuminate their meditation as well.

You will discover that Jeff’s simple practice of The Art of Conscious Contentment has direct roots in the practice of Self-Inquiry that was developed and taught by the great Indian sage Ramana Maharshi.

The practice also has close parallels to the contemplative tradition taught in the Christian text called The Cloud of Unknowing, the Mahamudra practice of Tibetan Buddhism, and the just sitting practice of Zazen.

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