Chela Rhea Harper – “Unleashing Creative Flow”

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Chela Rhea Harper – “Unleashing Creative Flow”
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Chela Rhea Harper, professional musician, creativity coach and meditation teacher, talks with Jeff Carreira about creative flow and how she discovered the secret to letting go into our inherent creative genius. Along the way they discuss spiritual awakening, the conditions that lead to flow states, and the creative drive of the universe.

As a touring musician from 2012 – 2016, Chela playing bass guitar in three different heavy metal and rock bands – Coal Chamber, White Empress, and The Awakening. Today she is recording a studio album and working as a creativity coach.

“I was so determined and committed to the expression and the beauty of the music, that when I opened my mouth I felt so free and so in flow… and that feeling became a driving force in my life.”

~ Chela Rhea Harper on her first encounter with creative flow at the tender age of 8.

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