Lauralee Kelly – “Inner Freedom and Spiritual Healing”

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Spiritual Illuminations with Jeff Carreira
Spiritual Illuminations with Jeff Carreira
Lauralee Kelly - "Inner Freedom and Spiritual Healing"

Spiritual growth is often thought of in terms of awakening to our true nature and divine source of our being, but spiritual growth is more than just awakening to the truth of who we are. Awakening reveals the inner source of our being and initiates our start of the path of spiritual growth. Our divine source is said to be whole and complete already, but that source flows into the world through us and we are often limited by fear and pain.

In this conversation Lauralee Kelly and I share how we can heal our pain and become a more perfect vehicle for the inherent wholeness of our divine essence.

You will discover why even consistent access to awakened awareness is not enough to find true fulfillment in life. You will explore the four most common obstacles to wholeness and how they can be healed and transcended.

  1. False beliefs and negative identifications.
  2. Lack of sufficient inner resources.
  3. Inappropriate boundaries.
  4. Unwillingness to forgive yourself or others.


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