John Walker – “Rudolf Steiner and the Imagination”

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Spiritual Illuminations with Jeff Carreira
Spiritual Illuminations with Jeff Carreira
John Walker - "Rudolf Steiner and the Imagination"

John Walker, independent scholar, occultist and poet talks with Jeff Carreira about the science of spirit that was developed by the late 19th century occultist and philosopher Rudolf Steiner. As a graduate student Steiner was assigned the task of sorting through Goethe’s scientific papers that had been all but forgotten. Steiner’s close reading of the great poets scientific work dramatically influenced his own thinking and he dedicated his life to developing a science of the spirit that was based on keen observation of life.

Jeff had the pleasure of knowing John when he was still with us, and one of the things that he know John wanted was for these recordings to be released free of charge to the public so that those interested in Steiner could hear them.

“The emphasis of anthroposophy is to always be able to maintain ones freedom in relationship to a thought of another, so that one does not become enslaved to the idea of authority in anyway.”

~ John Walker

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