“Living in Flow: The Secret of Transformation”

April 2, 2021
Spiritual Illuminations with Jeff Carreira
Spiritual Illuminations with Jeff Carreira
"Living in Flow: The Secret of Transformation"

In this seminar with Jeff Carreira you will discover the secret to transforming your life.

Many of us have experienced spiritual awakenings. We have had moments, sometimes big, other times small, when we saw everything differently. These glorious glimpses of a new possibility often become pivotal moments in our lives and they almost always include intimations of how much better life can be for us and everyone else.

After these experiences we are filled with hope. We just know that everything will be different, yet too often, after a while we realize that our old ways have caught up with us again. We find ourselves embedded in the life we were living before our awakening and our hopeful enthusiasm begins to fade.

One of the great challenges of spiritual work is that we always wake up in the middle of a life that was created and fueled by our less awake self. The life that we find ourselves in after our awakening does not reflect our new vision. It is mired in the fears and limitations of our previous outlook.

Changing our lives is difficult because so much of who we are and what we do rests in unconscious habits that are hard to break. The secret that I want to share with you in this seminar has to do with one of the most important habits that we can change.

Our life is built on a foundation of habitual ways of perceiving, feeling and acting, but not all of these habits are as important as the others. Some lie very deep inside us and they are the root of many other habits. If we change one of these we will start the process of changing all the ones that rest on top of that one.

One of the deepest habits in our psyche is the habitual place that our awareness rests in consciousness. In our culture, we are often trained to rest our awareness in a place that experiences itself as small, burdened, and struggling in a world of lack and deficiency. From this disempowered place we are taught to use our will to make things happen forcefully.

In our moments of awakening, we discover a different view of reality. From there we recognized that life is full of abundance and possibility and that it provides for us in almost magical ways. From this place of power, we see that we don’t need to make things happen. Instead, we can align with the forces of existence in a process of co-creative manifestation.

In this seminar you will see that learning to rest in our true power is one of the key habits that allow us to live a life of abundance and fulfillment.

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