Jeffrey Kripal – “Giving Voice to the Impossible”

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Jeffrey Kripal, author and professor of philosophy and religious thought at Rice University talks with Jeff Carreira about his ground breaking work in Religious Studies. Following in the tradition of William James, Kripal is looking for spiritual illumination at the edges of the main stream. Kripal recognizes that the status quo resists new insights and unusual experiences and keeps them from being recognized by hiding and discrediting them. These experiences can be found though, especially if you look for them in places where you don’t expect to find them.

Listen to this interview to find out about how spiritual experiences are showing up in unusual places and about the courageous individuals who never stop trying to give voice to the impossible.

“Identity and Cosmic Consciousness”

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In this talk given during a teaching event in New York City, Jeff Carreira speaks about how conditioned we are to see ourselves as separate entities wedded to physical bodies. He then guides a thought experiment that calls our fundamental sense of self into question and opens up a vision of our true cosmic being.

Nora Bateson – “Aesthetics of a New Paradigm”

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Nora Bateson, award-winning filmmaker, writer, facilitator and educator, and President of the International Bateson Institute, talks with Jeff Carreira about her profound work aimed at supporting people into a new conception of reality and a new consciousness. Expanding on the work of her father the brilliant 20th Century philosopher Gregory Bateson, Nora is seeking to discover how human beings can embrace and perceive the depth of relatedness of our world. Jeff and Nora discuss the need to embrace the significance of context in all of our perceptions and elucidate why they believe that aesthetic considerations are critical for the emergence of a new worldview.