“Radical Inclusivity, Non-Duality and Oneness”

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“Radical Inclusivity, Non-Duality and Oneness”
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In this experiential seminar, originally given live, Jeff Carreira speaks about Radical Inclusivity. Radical Inclusivity can be thought of as the discovery of an inside that has no outside. It is also a way of accessing and understanding the spiritual experience more often called non-duality. Non-Duality means literally not-two. It is the experience of Oneness, or what the American philosopher Charles Sanders Peirce called Firstness. In moments of non-dual awareness people report recognizing that there is no separation and all of reality appears to be an indivisible profoundly interconnected whole.

In this talk we will explore the nature of awakening to Oneness and you will see how even the merest glimpse of this radical perspective on reality can change your entire life.

“It’s a misnomer to think you can have a non-dual experience, because whatever a non-dual experience is, it’s certainly not something that someone could have.”

~ Jeff Carreira

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