“Staying True to Your Calling in a Chaotic World”

December 29, 2020
Spiritual Illuminations with Jeff Carreira
Spiritual Illuminations with Jeff Carreira
"Staying True to Your Calling in a Chaotic World"

This year our world has endured difficult times that have challenged all of us.

Over these months I’ve periodically had moments of what feels like divine guidance. In these moments, I seem to be lifted to greater clarity and they ignite a compelling desire to share what has become clear to me.

As it became obvious that the COVID-19 pandemic was not going to end quickly, I offered a two-hour workshop called ‘Opening Your Heart to the Challenge of Crisis'. This workshop was born out of a recognition that profound inner growth could be won by finding the courage to open up in the face of hardship.

I was then compelled to offer a second two-hour workshop called ‘Embracing the Opportunity of Unprecedented Times'. This time I was moved by an inspiration to use the turbulence of our world to fuel deep transformation. We did not have to go back to the world as it was. We could create a better world.

I had no idea that just two days after that event, the tragic killing of George Floyd would ignite civil unrest that continues to this day.

Recently, I was struck again by an inspiration that I feel compelled to share. This time it is the fact that our original calling – the one that has guided our spiritual life from the beginning – the one that ignited our fire for inner freedom – is exactly what our world needs.

So now I am offering a third workshop, this time called ‘Staying True to Your Calling in a Chaotic World'.

As the pandemic continues to spread fear and suffering, as civil unrest and political turmoil generate panic and mistrust, we might be tempted to think that there is nothing that we can do.

Please don’t despair. There is something you can do! And in fact, you were already doing it. You simply need to continue – or accelerate your efforts.

The things that inspired us to the spiritual path in the first place – Inner Freedom, Deep Compassion, Expanded Vision, Sacred Realization and the possibility of living in harmonious union with all life on this planet – are all still exactly what this world needs.

Yes, we must continue to fight for social justice and the well-being of all, but our victories will only be lasting if they are coupled with a paradigm shift into wholeness and Divine Union.

I know that holding onto our higher ideals and aspirations is difficult as the world around us seems to fall into deeper turmoil.

I also know that those ideals came to us as a call from the Divine herself, because they are what this planet needs from us.

Join me and together we will find the strength and courage to stay true to our deepest inner calling and in so doing, give our greatest gift to this world in need.

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