“What About Love?”

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Spiritual Illuminations with Jeff Carreira
Spiritual Illuminations with Jeff Carreira
"What About Love?"

In this short but potent teaching, Jeff Carreira responds to a retreatant's question ‘What about Love? Is Love a quality of existence or awareness?”


“Love is not a quality of existence or awareness.

Love, existence, awareness and life are all words signifying the same thing. To turn any of these into a quality of any of the others is diminish both.

Love is not a quality of awareness. Love is awareness. Awareness is not a quality of Love. Awareness is Love.

Relative love, the love that an idea of being someone, holds for another, an idea of being someone or another idea of something, is a reflection of a much bigger Love, an infinite Love.

Love is what opens our eyes every morning to a new day. Love is the force is that propels us moment, to moment, to moment.

Love is what pumps blood through our veins. Love is what propelled us into this life. Love is what sustains us. Love is life, is existence, is awareness. The love that the idea of being someone can hold for one thing and not another is a reflection of the infinite Love that is.

Who is it that asks a question about Love? And is the one who asks the question, separate from the Love that they ask about?

Ultimately Love is not something that exists separately from other things. Love cannot be a quality of something else. Love is…..

We experience love from the point of view of the separate sense of self.

The love that we experience as love is a shadow cast by a Love so vast it cannot be seen. That Love is existence itself. That Love is awareness itself. That Love is Life itself and that Love is who we are.

When we sit together in the truth of who we are, we sit together in Love.”

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