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Transdimensional Awakening

by Jeff Carreira
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Shortly after his resurrection, Jesus came to his beloved Mary Magdalene with teachings and instructions for her to establish a church of true love on Earth. Mary traveled to Egypt where she became a teacher in her own right and chose three female disciples to build the new church with her. But something has gone terribly wrong. One of the disciples, Toby, is stuck in a miserable life in a working class suburb of Boston in the late twentieth century. Another, Khepri, is living as a housewife and mother on a planet on the far side of the galaxy. And even Mary Magdalene is sitting alone in the desert confused about her destiny. For centuries only Aline has retained the awareness of who they all really are and what they need to do. Now she must travel through time and across vast reaches of space to bring them all together again and initiate a new future.
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Transdimensional Fiction
Jeff Carreira
Jeff Carreira
Jeff Carreira is a mystical philosopher and spiritual guide. He is the author of eleven books on meditation and philosophy. He teaches online programs and leads retreats throughout the world that teach people how to let go of their current perceptual habits so they are free to participate in the creation of a new paradigm. To put it simply, he supports people to live a spiritually inspired life, free from the constraints of fear, worry and self-doubt, and aligned with their own deepest sense of meaning and purpose.
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