Spiritual Abundance as a Doorway to Cosmic Consciousness

June 28, 2024

Spiritual abundance is not limited to material abundance, although it can include that. Spiritual abundance is not about accumulation of money or things, it is about the cultivation of an inner attitude that sees the true abundance of life all the time.

Often our efforts to acquire wealth are driven by an inner sense of scarcity, and no amount of wealth will necessarily change that. You can be very wealthy and still feel lacking. You can also have very little yet feel rich.

The difference has to do with how you have been conditioned to view life. If you have learned to look for what’s missing in order to protect yourself from lack, then you will see more and more of what’s missing. The thing is, there will always be elements missing in our lives, and at the same time, there will always be aspects of life that are overflowing and bountiful. Spiritual abundance is learning to see, and focus on, the inherent fullness that is always, already.

A number of years ago I started teaching how to retrain yourself to recognize the wonder and fullness of life, rather than the lack. This shift in awareness is a natural extension of nondual meditation because in both cases we recognize that we don’t need anything more than what is.

In this summer’s 4-week attunement intensive you will experience the power of retraining your senses to discover how much you already have to be grateful for. You will see that your life already contains the source of your happiness and you will find the courage to embrace it fully.

This retraining of your senses can lead to miraculous results. Over the course of 4-weeks you will see how your experience of everything bursts to life. Your inner world will become more calm and peaceful as the blessings of your life become increasingly obvious and vibrant.

The practice of nondual meditation means resting in freedom. Over time most of us have become constrained by the challenges of life and developed ideas of limitation that bind us, but in our deepest consciousness we are always free. The word nonduality implies that there is nothing that stands between us and the freedom and fulfillment we seek. We just need to recognize it. If we turn our attention towards its source, we find the miracle of existence right there burning within us.

The practice of spiritual abundance means seeing the abundance of life all around you. It is itself a nondual realization because life doesn’t need to become abundant; it already is. Spiritual abundance is an inner shift that brings us into contact with a completely different perception of the world. It is like stepping into a new reality.

We have learned to ignore so much of the beauty and bounty of life because we have been taught to spend our attention worrying about things that can go wrong and hurt us, to avoid trouble. Unfortunately, this learned habit of self-protection can lead to the high levels of anxiety.

During this summer’s attunement intensive you will see that your life is already offering you everything you need to be happy. As you practice resting in the true abundance of life, layers of fear and anxiety will melt away to be replaced by a deep sense of ease and wellbeing.

If this was all that happened, this program would be well worth the effort – but this is not all that will happen. There is another, even more profound realization that comes from the combined practices of nondual meditation and spiritual abundance – the illumination of the spiritual source of life.

The peace and ease you discover in the daily attunements will move into the rest of your life, and your days will flow more and more effortlessly. This easeful experience of being allows your senses to relax and open to even deeper mysteries of spirit.

As the doors of perception open, you will see that everything in the physical world is constantly being fed and supported by spiritual energies. As your mystical vision continues to open, your familiar perception of the world will yield until everything around you is seen as a thin veil that hides an immense spiritual reality beyond it.

As you continue to open and expand you will be entering into the experience of cosmic consciousness and move into direct alignment with the creative power of existence.

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