Spiritual Life Matters

October 7, 2022

An essay about spiritual life probably needs to start with at least a brief description of what the author means about this rather ambiguous phrase. When I speak about spiritual life, I’m speaking about whatever aspects of your life generate and sustain an ongoing, or at least periodic, experience of that which is profound, sacred and divine.

At the age of 29, I devoted all of my life’s energy to my spiritual life. I left my career, my wife at the time, and most of the rest of my life, and set off on a quest for spiritual fulfillment. Along the way I found what I was looking for, and what that means is that I’m existentially satisfied with life. I don’t need more than the experience of being alive to be content. I love life and that love of life sustains me through the inevitable hardships and challenges that life brings.

I’m in the wonderful position of being able to work with people and support their spiritual life. In that role I have seen how dramatically a person’s life can become magical as they deepen their sense of the mystery beyond the familiar and find a sense of meaning in existence. They begin to see the miracle of life and they sense that there is a spiritual reason for being here. We are here to manifest love and to the degree that we do, we demonstrate a different way to be human.

People that I have worked with, often for years and sometimes for decades, have been very generous in expressing their gratitude for how much their life has changed and continues to change through the work that we do together, or just through our ongoing friendship.

I feel so lucky to be able to positively affect people’s lives, and I believe that is only possible because I continue to engage with spiritual practices that help me maintain a deep and strong connection to that which is profound, sacred and divine.

I feel connected to a higher plane of existence and to the beings that exist there, and I see how the reality of that higher plane intersects with and influences our lives here on Earth. I feel the part of me that has lived through countless lifetimes and has learned and grown along the way. I am always open to be guided by the higher aspects of myself so my actions here on Earth can be aligned with the needs of a higher life, and at the same time the wisdom and love of that higher self can access my life here.

Our life on Earth is a very important, and arguably the primary, part of our existence, but it is still a small part of a much larger life that you are also living. When we live in direct connection with the higher dimensions of reality and ourselves, we become conduits that allow the love, wisdom and fulfillment of those higher realms to enter the three-dimensional and often difficult life of the Earth plane.

I’m sure you know this is true and have experienced the deeper source of joy and fulfillment in your own life. I love, and I really mean love, supporting others to establish and maintain their own connection with divinity. I love to see people’s lives transform in beautiful and positive ways. I love supporting people this way, but this is not the ultimate reason why I think spiritual life matters.

The reason I’ve done this work with unbroken consistency for thirty years is because I had a vision early on of a world where everyone was open to the higher aspects of themselves. I saw light streaming into each person from beyond and flooding into Earth. I realize this sounds hopelessly romantic, and I am aware that if this would ever become the reality of life on Earth it would most likely not occur until far into the future. Regardless, I can’t stop working to realize that vision.

Spiritual lives matter because they can bring higher love, wisdom, and fulfillment to Earth. This is why we are here. When this life is over I know that the only thing that will ultimately matter to me is how much love, wisdom and fulfillment I was able to bring to my Earthly existence.

I love to support people to have ongoing access to the higher energies of spirit, but more importantly I want to support you to become someone who can support others. This is not the time for a single world teacher who will uplift all of life on this planet. Our time calls for the human species to awaken from the dream of separation and find its higher source.

That is how heaven will manifest on Earth, and your spiritual life, lived wholeheartedly, is a crucial part of that adventure. As you do your spiritual practice and maintain your own connection to the divine, you act as an artist of possibility who is bringing higher potentials to life everyday. I am here to support you as a mentor, a fellow artist and spiritual friend.

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