—— Jeff Carreira’s

Summer Retreat 2018
‘Paradigm Shifting’

August 6 – 12, 2018

The Invitation

I am thrilled to invite you to my third annual Soul of a New Self summer retreat.

This retreat is an opportunity to explore practices and ideas that have the power to dramatically shift you out of your current experience of reality and into a new one. The goal of these five days is to give as many people as possible a paradigm shifting experience along with the understanding and insight necessary to live and articulate the new way of being they discover.

This is essentially a training for what I call Artists of Possibility and Ambassadors of New Paradigms. If you know that a different reality is possible for all of us and feel deeply called to participate in bringing it to life, please join me this summer and work together with me and dozens of like-minded adventurers as we explore – and create – the contours of a new world.

Over the past few years my work with people has focused on developing spiritual practices and modes of inquiry that release our awareness from our current conception of reality into new ones. This release makes us available to embody new possibilities for what it can mean to be human.

How the Retreat Works

During this retreat you will engage with:

  • a deep exploration of the liberating power of meditation
  • a powerfully transformative form of philosophical inquiry

Each morning of the retreat will be spent in silent meditation made up of periods of practice will be short and focused and you will be given plenty of guidance to support you. Whether you are new to meditation or have been an ardent practitioner for decades the practice you experience on this retreat will open new doors and pathways for your growth.

The meditation practice you will be instructed to do will liberate your awareness from its almost constant fixation on the familiar experience of reality. You see, without realizing it our attention has been conditioned to focus on a very narrow range of possible experience within an unimaginable expanse. Because our attention is riveted there we assume that is all that exists.

In the meditation you experience on this retreat your awareness will be carried into realms of free and open perception that will ignite mystical insights and cascades of awakening.

Every afternoon you will engage in an experiential form of philosophical contemplation that I call wormhole inquiry. This is not just thinking about things. What you will be doing is questioning your most deeply seated assumptions about life and envisioning radically different conceptions of reality. These will not only be objects of contemplation because together we will learn how to live into them so deeply that our actual experience of reality shifts. This depth of inquiry is so subtle and so powerful that it takes the concentrated focus of a retreat environment to fully engage with it.

This retreat rests on my conviction that spiritual growth is a natural process that cannot be controlled, but does require our participation. You can’t force growth. What you can do is understand the energies that support it and engage with them in ways that optimally align you with your highest potential.

Spiritual work is like sailing. We use the power of the wind to propel us forward aligning our craft with currents that guide us. In the same way spiritual growth occurs as we learn to align with the energies that are available to guide us into greater wholeness and new perspectives.

During the five days of this retreat you will enter a spiritually charged and highly creative space to explore the deeper implications of spiritual growth. You will learn ways of working individually and with others to manifest a new possibility for life on this planet. As these possibilities open you will learn to shift your consciousness to align with them so they become a living reality for you and those around you.

You will find everything I’ve mentioned here explained in more detail below. I offer this much information because I respect the commitment required to attend a five day retreat like this. I want to be sure that you have everything you need to make a clear decision about attending. If there is any other information you need please feel free to contact me.

This retreat does require something from you – you will need to bring an open heart and mind and a willingness to be transformed by what you experience – but it will be accessible regardless of the level of your prior experience. If this opportunity speaks to you and you can see yourself as an Artist of Possibility or an Ambassador of New Paradigms please register soon because this retreat will not start when you arrive in August. It will begin as soon as you commit to attending.



What you can expect:

Consciousness Beyond Mind

You will be guided into the experiences awareness beyond the limiting beliefs and assumptions that usually shape your experience. You will enter into states of consciousness that can be called ‘betweenness’ in which the sharp lines and divisions that rigidly shape your experience in a place that is fluid and malleable and real transformation becomes possible.

Freedom from Identity

As you expand beyond your normal perceptual limits all of your ideas about yourself begin to loosen. As they fall away space is created for new possibilities. You will learn to rest in this process of disillusion until you start to forget yourself and feel the exhilarating liberation of being no one.

Paradigm Shifting Inquiry

During this retreat you will learn a form of inquiry that I call wormhole inquiry. These inquires will keep your mind focused at the edge of the possible until insight and intuitions begin to reveal themselves. These paradoxical investigations make it likely that you will experience flashes of insight that dramatically shift your experience of reality.

The Flowering of Intuition

Intuition is the wisdom that comes from seeing directly into the essence of things. As opposed to the knowledge of deductive reasoning or logic, our intuitions arrive full and complete, whole and unmediated. As we learn to see beyond the structured patterns of our minds we are propelled into cascades of insight and understanding. By cultivating our intuitive wisdom we discover a source of inner guidance that will allow us to navigate through our unique spiritual journey into our true potential.


Foundational Elements

The two foundational elements of my work are meditation and inquiry. On this retreat you will work extensively with both of these. Each will open your awareness in different ways and together they will liberate you from the limitations of the ordinary into miraculous new possibilities.

The Practice of No Problem

Each morning you will let go of your mind into depths of meditative stillness.

Meditation is a time honored means of transcending the mental reactivity and negative habits of mind that too often keep us bound up in our current realities and unavailable for more.

During the five days of this retreat you will learn and practice a radically transformative form of meditation called The Practice of No Problem. Jeff Carreira has been developing this unique articulation of meditation for the past decade and thousands of people from around the world have used it to enter profound states of liberated awareness.

When you meditate in this way the only instruction you need to follow is to have no problem. That means that no matter what happens and no matter what you experience, you allow it to be OK the way it is. Ultimately having no problem in meditation means doing nothing. When you don’t have a problem, you don’t need to do anything because nothing is wrong.

This deceptively simple technique turns out to be more challenging than it appears, but if you give your focus and attention to it the results can be nothing less than miraculous.

As you sit in meditation you inevitably find yourself struggling against unconscious habits designed to manipulate and control your experience into whatever you think it is supposed to be. Eventually you realize that all of your effort to shape your experience is not doing nothing. It’s just more manipulation and control and you cab simply stop all of it and just let everything be exactly the way it is. This is the moment of profound existential release and spiritual liberation.

On this retreat you will learn how to consistently find the inner freedom that is always right here in the middle of the experience you’re already having.

As you learn to embrace the way things already are your energy is liberated, your attention is liberated, and you become profoundly available to experience things that you couldn’t imagine before.

This is a space I sometimes call ‘betweeness’ because in it is we have released one set of mental habits and haven’t yet picked up another. Every morning of the retreat you will return to this open and receptive awareness and rest in it until you feel comfortable there and it becomes the foundation for our inquiries into the nature of reality.

Wormhole Inquiry:
The Art of Questioning the Obvious

Each afternoon you will enter a new world by questioning the obvious.

Throughout history there have always been mystery schools exploring the unseen dimensions of reality. These schools were inspired by new visions of possibility and they always emphasized the attainment of a lived experience not just intellectual understanding.

During each afternoon of this retreat you will engage with paradigm shifting inquires in a modern day mystery school. Each day will be structured around a simple question that calls challenges one of our most obvious assumptions about reality.

The difficulty we face in this form of inquiry is that the assumptions we want to examine seem so obviously true that it doesn’t seem possible to question them. On this retreat you will engage with what I call ‘wormhole inquiries’ that allow you to effectively question the underlying assumptions that your current perception of reality is built on.

In order to find our way out of our current experience of reality all we need is an equally plausible alternative. Each day of the retreat we will contemplate a different way of explaining some aspect of our experience that makes at least as much sense as our current assumptions about it.

This equally viable alternative view will bring us into a delightful uncertainty about what is real that releases us from the grips of the current paradigm. You will deepen this inquiry throughout the afternoon in individual contemplation, discussion with Jeff and formal group inquiry sessions.

By the end of each afternoon you will will begin to experience what it would be like to inhabit a new sense of yourself and the world around you. These experiences will demonstrate that we as a species we have much more capacity to affect change than we ever imagined possible.


A 3 Step Journey into a New Paradigm

The combination of The Practice of No Problem and Wormhole Inquiries that you engage within this retreat will take you through a three step process into the lived experience of a new paradigm.

Step 1:
Letting Go Of Who We Have Been

We live inside of an identity which is a self-concept made up of a collection of ideas about the person we think we are. That person has a name and a history. That person is good at some things and not good at others. He or she has fears, desires, memories, hopes, dreams, and aspirations.

Your sense of self defines a range of possibility. Some things are possible for the self that you are, other things are not. Spiritual growth is always includes an expansion of these possibilities.

The first step into a new paradigm is letting go of the self that we think we are. There are many ways to do that, but on this summer’s retreat we will focus on a practice of meditation that I call The Practice of No Problem and the art of questioning the obvious that I call Wormhole Inquiry.

With diligent effort, willingness and a big heart your awareness will slip beyond the sphere of familiar concerns and eventually beyond anything you’ve ever known. You will become aware of a vast expanse of non-conceptual consciousness.

As you acclimate to this experience of direct awareness without understanding you discover that you are not a somebody. You experience the unimaginable freedom of awareness without identity. You are no longer tied to the solid sense of self that has always been your anchor and you enter into a recognition of unlimited possibility.

This is the realm of spiritual realization that has been called Enlightenment, Satori, Illumination, God-Realization and Self-Actualization in various traditions. This depth of awakening frees us from the limitations of self-concept and self-concern and makes us available for a miraculous transformation of self.

Step 2:
Discovering the Possibilities of a New Paradigm

Your initial experience of freedom from the known can be shocking, but with practice we become accustomed to it and we begin to notice that we are experiencing more than just emptiness. There are spiritual energies of awakening in the unknown that can guide us.

The second step into a new paradigm is allowing ourselves to be moved by the subtle energetic currents that we discover emanating from the unknown. These inner currents can guide us in a process of expansion beyond beyond the limitations of who we think we are, but only if we let them

In both meditation and in the process of inquiry you will reach points where you feel afloat in an ocean that wants to carry you into expansive realms of being. On this retreat you will learn to trust this energy and let go of anything you might be holding on to that inhibits your growth.

During this retreat we will use a series of experiential exercises and inquiries to bring us into experiences of insight, revelation, and awakening that will give us the confidence we need to venture further and further out into new possibilities.

Step 3:
Expressing New Possibilities Until They Birth a New World

I said earlier, the most valuable way to think about a self-identity is to think of it as a range of possibility. Very practically speaking, changing our sense of self is a matter of expanding the range of possibilities available to us.

On this retreat you will discover that the new range of possibility that we discover through deep spiritual practice opens into a radical reconfiguration of the field of possibility not only for us, but for all human beings.

The transformation that we are exploring is not just about becoming a different human being. It is about becoming a different kind of human being. It is about letting go of your fundamental identity as a separate and isolated entity that lives in the midst of other separate and isolated entities and then discovering that there is nothing that ultimately separates any of us.

As we begin to swirl together in the currents of a new way of being we will find ourselves swept up into impossible possibilities – together! We will begin to feel things, see things and even know things that were simply not possible before. We will learn to express these new possibilities, to give them a voice, and to articulate them as we enter into a new world together.


The Setting

The retreat will be held on the beautiful grounds of Highland Lake Cove Retreat and Learning Center in Flat Rock NC. Highland Lake Cove is a uniquely nourishing setting for a retreat, as it is a place where one can be sustained by the natural beauty of the land, the garden-centered cuisine and the stewardship of a teaching/learning community dedicated to the awakening and full blossoming of the human spirit. The 58 acres includes a small working farm, gardens, walking trails, a 30 acre lake with canoes.

— Qualities of the inner atmosphere of the retreat

The inner atmosphere that you experience during a retreat is ever more important than the physical setting. On The Soul of New Self retreat you will experience an inner atmosphere infused with the qualities of Availability, Generosity and Trust.


Ultimately spiritual growth is not attained through willful effort. We cannot do growth. Growth happens naturally. Look around at the world we live in. What do you see? Everything grows naturally and effortlessly as long as the proper conditions are present. A seed planted in moist soil grows into a tree. It has no choice. The same is true of us. Under the proper conditions, we will grow without effort. On this retreat you will be supported to release habits of contraction and become increasingly available for a natural growth process that is always ready to move you.


The word generosity comes from roots that point toward nobility of spirit. It is the joyful act of giving without expectation. We have all over-extended ourselves and given without limit inappropriately. So we learned to protect ourselves, to recoil, and be a little more calculating in our giving. In many circumstances this makes sense, but what we don’t realize is that pulling back in this way distances us from the bounty of an inherently generous universe. We live in abundance and when the environment supports it we can learn to open again to the gifts of spirit. We discover that generosity is not an act of giving away. It is an act of creation that fills us from the inside unendingly.


The spiritual journey is a return to trust. When we trust we are open and receptive. Our being is naturally turned outward toward the world. Our energy is ready to be directed toward whatever is needed. We feel intimately connected without any gap of separation insulating us. As we become comfortable in a state of deep trust, the wounds and scars of lifetimes begin to release their grip on us. In the solitude of meditation and the safety of loving relationships our heart, mind, and body begin to move beyond fear and limitation. We find ourselves arriving – here – in this body, in this life, in this world, as if for the very first time. In this state of innocence you see the wonder of existence and the perfection of being exactly who you already are.



A look at the week

Monday, August 6 Retreat Begins at 5:00pm
Registration / Dinner / Introductory Session with Jeff
Tuesday, August 7 Full day of practice and inquiry
Wednesday, August 8 Full day of practice and inquiry
Thursday, August 9 Full day of practice and inquiry
Friday, August 10 Full day of practice and inquiry
Saturday, August 11 Full day of practice and inquiry
Sunday, August 12 Retreat Ends at 11am
Meditation / Breakfast / Concluding Session with Jeff

A typical day

The typical daily retreat schedule is shown here. The schedule is focused and spacious with two movement sessions, time for an afternoon walk around the beautiful grounds, and evening chai and conversation.

*Those who choose to remain in silence through out the retreat (or do not wish to attend movement / conversation sessions) are welcome to meditate during these times.

6:00am – 6:45am Early Meditation Practice
7:00am – 7:45am Morning Yoga Practice*
8:00am – 9:15am Breakfast
9:30am – noon Meditation Sessions with Jeff
12:00pm – 1:30pm Lunch
1:45pm – 4:45pm Inquiry Sessions with Jeff
5:00pm – 5:45pm Afternoon Dance Practice*
6:00pm – 7:30pm Dinner
7:30pm – 8:15pm Evening Meditation Practice
8:30pm – 9:00pm Evening Chai and Conversation*

About Jeff

Jeff Carreira has single pointedly pursued spiritual awakening for over twenty years. As the Director of Education of an international nonprofit organization he guided the spiritual growth and development of hundreds of individuals worldwide. He continues to lead groups of people through the mysteries of awakening and transformation guiding them into the profound depths of meditative practice and mystical inquiry. His sensitive and precise guidance will invite you into unlimited possibility. His direct and supportive manner of instruction consistently brings both experienced practitioners and novices alike to their most profound realizations.

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What others are saying about Jeff’s work

As someone who has done many spiritual and silent retreats, this one was a turning point for me. I returned home a different person. This change was noticed by everyone in my life.

Jeff held a space for opening and healing that was quiet, fluid, peaceful and accepting of everyone present. He is Masterful at bringing participants to a place of awakening and awareness with grace and humility. If you are serious about awakening to the truth of your being, you need Jeff as your guide.
With knowledge, experience and confidence ,born of a passion to serve, he will lead you safely home to your true nature.

It will be an investment of money and time that will go on giving for the ret of your life.

On this retreat I discovered a higher source of Love and a further dismantling of fear and self-concern. I see how vital We-Space community is in the creation of a new paradigm defined by Love and I feel highly motivated to be a part of one and contribute to creating communities that motivate and empower people.

During the Emergence Event I found myself awash with continuous energetic vibrations. I was moved into a new way of being, a new way of looking at life and my small self seemed to get smaller and smaller.

This was truly the first time I could really meditate. I have looked for a path that made sense and felt natural for a long time. This is what I’ve been seeking for decades.

During this event I had an experiential awakening. The shift was profound and subtle. The world brightened and I knew I was seeing through a higher part of myself. I feel more gratitude about life and I don’t judge myself harshly the way I used.

Wow, what a year of growth and learning! ….Do not be scared off by the prospect of exploring uncharted worlds. You will be led with openness and understanding by a master. One of Jeff’s greatest gifts is his ability to receive the intent of others and nurture that with open-heartedness, enthusiasm and love.

Jeff grants permission to people to explore directions from the heart, and he is a cheerleader for their imagination and creativity. Through Jeff’s love, you will be ushered into the possibility of becoming an ambassador of a new paradigm and artist of new possibilities…. Run, don’t walk, to this invitation for exploring your unknown and untapped riches.

Jeff’s humility and willingness to not know allowed me to live into a reality beyond the mind and feel the new paradigm living through me. I experienced a new way of seeing that is always right here and never just a set of ideas.

This retreat left me more present in the moment and free from unnecessary tension and worry. I find myself able to engage with the very real problems of the world with steadiness and clarity rather than tense urgency.

Jeff’s approach brought me into deeper clarity and recognition of a depth that has always been in me. I feel ready to take responsibility to live, talk and love from there.

Jeff’s meditation instructions welcome and invite spiritual freedom. My imagination and capacity for creative problem solving grew tremendously due to this experience. I am excited to bring forth a new paradigm and motivated to be my higher self.

The power of my meditation practice has deepened exponentially.

Special Early
Registration Gifts



Audio Recording of a 2 hour Preparatory Workshop called ‘The Art of Wormhole Inquiry’

In this preparatory workshop with Jeff Carreira you will practice the experiential form of inquiry that we will be using extensively during The Soul of a New Self retreat.

For two hours you will be taken through a series of contemplative exercises focused on radically different interpretations of our common experience. During these two hours you will see how your current experience of reality is shaped by an unconscious interpretive framework. In this seminar we will illuminating some of our current interpretations of reality by introducing equally plausible alternatives and engaging in the delicate art of re-interpreting our experience together. This workshop is a perfect way to prepare for your retreat experience and it will serve as an introduction to the Radical Inclusivity audio course that is the second bonus gift if you register by June 15th.

The combination of the workshop and the Radical Inclusivity audio course (details below) will provide all the preparation you need to take full advantage of your retreat opportunity.


Receive FREE access to Jeff Carreria’s Radical Inclusivity 8 part Audio Program!

This audio course is based on Jeff Carreira’s book Radical Inclusivity where, in just over 100 pages, Jeff lays out a theory of shifting the foundation of life from a paradigm based on an assumption of separation and division to one rooted in unity and continuity. The book explains how our perception has been conditioned to only recognize a reality of things-in-space and outlines mental exercises and thought experiments called wormhole inquires that expand our perception dramatically.

In this 8-part audio course Jeff offers commentary and teachings that build on and enrich the ideas in the book. By the end of the course you will have a deep understanding of the philosophy of Radical Inclusivity and the contemplative method of wormhole inquiry.

Your free audio course includes:

  • Jeff Carreira’s e-book ‘Radical Inclusivity’
  • A recorded welcome message and introduction
  • 6 x 1 hour long audio sessions of commentary from Jeff Carreira about each chapter of the book
  • Suggested resources for deeper inquiry including links to articles, books, blogs and audio lectures
  • A summary paper With an hour-long audio session of commentary
  • 20 Daily Audio Contemplations

Receive FREE access to Jeff Carreria’s Radical Inclusivity 8 part Audio Program!

This 8 part audio course is a perfect introduction to many of the ideas you will be working with on retreat including descriptions of both Jeff’s approach to meditation and ‘wormhole inquiry’.

Your free audio course includes:

  • Jeff Carreira’s e-book ‘Radical Inclusivity’
  • A recorded welcome message and introduction
  • 6 x 1 hour long audio sessions of commentary from Jeff Carreira about each chapter of the book
  • Suggested resources for deeper inquiry including links to articles, books, blogs and audio lectures
  • A summary paper With an hour-long audio session of commentary
  • 20 Daily Audio Contemplations


*Earlybird registration closes June 24th, 2018.

Housing type

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Cottage: Single occupancy $1750 $1600 Register
Cottage: Double occupancy $1550 $1400 Register
Retreat House: Single occupancy with private bath $1750 $1600 SOLD OUT
Retreat House: Single occupancy with shared bath $1650 $1500 Register
Cabins: Double occupancy $1250 $1100 Register
Cabins: Dorm style (4/room) $1050 $900 Register
Commuter $850 $700 Register
* Cancellation Policy *

Refunds are available up to 30 days prior to the start of the retreat with a $75 cancellation fee. 50% refunds will be available until one week prior to the start of the retreat. No refunds will be given within one week of the start of the retreat.

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