—— Introducing

Meditation and Awakening

A Teacher Training with Jeff Carreira

that will catalyze breakthrough spiritual experiences
and empower you to teach from your own deepest realization of Truth

October 2018 – September 2019

The Invitation

I am very excited to announce that I will be offering my first teacher training in over 10 years.

In 2007 I started a teacher training program and over the next two years I trained over 120 people around the world and almost every one of them taught successfully to public audiences.

That training program was wildly successful, but limited in scope in that people were learning to teach a specific curriculum.

This training will be very different and it has taken 10 years for me to feel ready to offer it and I couldn’t be more excited.

The Meditation and Awakening Teacher Training that I am offering now is much more in-depth.

And it is not a training in a specific curriculum.

It is a training through which I intend to work with no more than 12 people in a year of training that will allow you to master some of the universal truths and challenges of guiding people into a deep recognition of the inherent freedom of their true being.

You will not be following a formula. Over the course of the training you will deepen your own connection to inherent freedom and you will discover how you can best share that with others.

You will discover and develop your own unique teaching style and voice.

This will be an intensive training that will catalyze breakthrough spiritual experiences beyond anything you have had before and the experience you have during the course of the year will be the source of empowerment that will allow you to teach from your own deepest realization of Truth. 

You will learn to teach meditation as a practice of immediate recognition and how to support others to avoid being overly focused on meditative technique.

You will learn to inspire people to release themselves from self-imposed constrictions and limitations by providing glimpses of the radically liberated nature of their true being.

You will become a teacher who can consistently redirect awareness away from the hypnotic and tantalizing praise of the mundane toward the ever-abiding liberated state of consciousness. In this way you will learn to support people to keep their attention directed toward the reality of who they are. 

You will learn to teach meditation in the style that I call The Practice of No Problem.

You will study profound ideas and perspectives that will allow you to share facilitate the recognition of awakened consciousness.
You will explore many of the challenges and pitfalls of the audacious undertaking of teaching in this way.

And you will develop your own teaching style. This training is about you becoming the teacher that you were meant to be, not an imitation of me.

You will also be fully supported to teach publicly during the year of training so that you will have real experience when the training ends.

The teachings, discussions and practices that you engage with in this training will give you the confidence to manifest your own highest potentials while bringing others into a direct recognition of theirs.

And you will not be left on your own when the training is done.

Upon successful completion of this program you will be part of a teaching team and if you wish information about you and your work will be published on a webpage along with the other certified teachers that I have trained.

I want to train a group of teachers that I can continue to work with. I want you to be successful not just in the training but as a teacher after the training. 

All of my work is aimed at generating a shift in paradigm for as many people as possible. The best way for me to support that miraculous shift is to train people like you to become the teacher you were meant to be.

With this training I am offering spiritual empowerment to a select group of people. I intend to support each trainee to blossom into a teacher in their own right and I am approaching this entire process with the rigorousness that it deserves. 

I am limiting this training to 12 people because of the depth of engagement I will have with each of you.

That being said, I don’t want to scare you off. If you feel drawn to this possibility. If your heart opens and sings at the thought of emerging as your truest self then please apply.

There is nothing that necessarily disqualifies you from this opportunity and you may be a more perfect candidate than you think.

And even if this turns out not to be the right time for you to do the training you will learn a lot just by going through the application process. 

Thank you for your interest in becoming a teacher of meditation and awakening.



Overview of the Training

This is a 300 hour intensive training taking place over one year. The program will be demanding and rigorous and will include study, discussion, spiritual practice, teaching practice and the completion of one public teaching event.

The program is split into 10 training modules. The first 7 modules focus on critical elements involved in teaching meditation and awakening, This set of 7 modules begins and ends with a 4-day in-person retreat.

The final three modules of the program are aimed at preparing for, marketing and offering your first public meditation class. In these modules you will be coached through all aspects of successfully planning for and producing a public class including: creating your class sales webpage, a personal profile webpage for yourself, your class curriculum, a marketing plan, email list building and marketing copy training.

During the month of September 2019 all trainees will be supported as they teach their public meditation class.

Once you have successfully completed this program you will feel confident in your ability to guide people through the subtle territory of meditation and awakening AND you will feel confident in your ability to vision, plan and produce your classes.

Elements of the Training

4-Day Retreats

Two 4-Day Retreats

The training begins with an opening Retreat from Wednesday, October 24 to Sunday, October 28, 2018. The retreat will be held at the Pendle Hill Retreat Center in Philadelphia PA.

In this opening retreat Jeff will introduce essential insights involved in the teaching of meditation and awakening. You will also dive into intensive meditation practice and explore your experience of meditation in deep dialog with Jeff and other trainees.

Upon completion of the first seven content-oriented modules of the training we will gather again for our second retreat taking place from Wednesday, July 3 to Sunday, July 7 2019. This retreat will also be held at the Pendle Hill Retreat Center in Philadelphia PA.

In our second retreat you will review all of the work that was done throughout the first seven modules. In addition each trainee will give a practice teaching session and receive constructive reflection from Jeff and other trainees.

Twenty Two
90-min Online Seminars with Jeff

The program includes 22 opportunities to engage with Jeff virtually. These seminars will take place on Sundays from 3:00pm to 4:30pm Eastern Time and held via video conferencing.

These seminars will be used in a variety of ways through the year, but generally they serve two main functions.

  • Content Discussion Seminars: These seminars will be devoted to deepening your understanding of the insights and perspectives that are essential to successfully sharing meditation and awakening.
  • Group Coaching Seminars: These seminars will be devoted to trainees receiving coaching from Jeff on all elements of teaching and producing public classes.

90-min Online Seminars