The Art of Wormhole Inquiry (33mins)

Jeff Carreira New Paradigm Thinking, Philosophical Inquiry, Spiritual Teachings & Guided Meditations (Audio) Leave a Comment

A wormhole inquiry is a philosophical hack designed to liberate us from some of our most foundational assumptions about reality.

There are beliefs that we hold so deeply in our unconscious mind that questioning them propels you into the open-ended possibility field of the unknown.

You could think of these inquires as modern day Zen koans— riddles so powerful that the mere contemplation of them can blow your mind and catapult you into a new world.

This audio recording begins with an explanation of how to engage in the philosophical practice of wormhole inquiry. Once you understand the way these inquires work you will be guided to question the fact of your own existence in a way could dramatically shift your experience of self.

Audio (33mins)
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