Articulating A
New Reality

An 8 Month Breakthrough Intensive for Ambassadors of a New Paradigm with Jeff Carreira

Shifting from a paradigm of Separation and Isolation to one of Unity and Interconnectedness

Who is this for?

This intensive is for people who are called to be articulators of a new possibility. Many of us recognize the need for our society to undergo a significant shift in paradigm. We also know that we have something to contribute if we could articulate it clearly.

If you are one of these people please join me on this eight month training designed to bring you to a deeper understanding of the paradigm shift that we are in the midst of and even more importantly to develop your capacity to effectively express your understanding of that shift to others.

Paradigm Shifting?

Paradigm shifts occur when we face persistent problems that we are incapable of solving, or when things happen that should not be possible.

Many of us have experienced both of these. And many of us have discovered some piece of the puzzle that can open up new possibilities for the world.

Historically the work of shifting paradigms has never been supported from inside the existing paradigm. The dominant paradigm doesn’t see the one that is coming even if some of the people inside it do.

Those who see the change often feel isolated and unable to convey what we see even to sympathetic listeners.

Historically paradigm shifts are generated by circles of like-minded pioneers who start to see the same possibility together. These groups incubate new possibilities, develop them, and ultimately share them with the wider world.

This Articulation Intensive is designed to gather and sustain such a circle of visionary individuals.

When I first envisioned this course three years ago I wanted to create an intellectually rigorous program that would challenge us to think deeply and creatively about some of the foundational ideas of the paradigm that is emerging.

I found that among all of the many of the course offerings of the alternative spiritual world there were none that gave the opportunity to explore a variety of new ideas deeply over a sustained period of time.

It seemed to me that many of us could rightfully claim to have graduated to a place where a new kind of course offering was needed – you could think of it as a graduate level course for the soul.

Over years of study I have found that what many are calling ‘The New Paradigm’ has a long history. At the very least it is a few hundred years old.

You see, a different understanding of reality had already begun to shine through the poetry, art and philosophy of 18th and 19th century Romantics.

These creative spirits understood that we are participants in an inherently creative process. They embraced the mysterious and the unknowable as well as rationality.

Another dramatic new vision of life emerged in Charles Darwin’s recognition of the continuity of species, in the spiritual systems of Theosophy and Anthroposophy, in the work of William James and the American Pragmatists, and more recently in the new physics of Relativity and Quantum Theory that have changed our understanding of time and space.

The work of Carl Jung, Alfred North Whitehead, Peirre Teilhard de Chardin, Sri Aurobindo and many others offer un