The Complete Spiritual Teachings
of Jeff Carreira
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The Complete Spiritual Teachings
of Jeff Carreira
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A personal introduction from Jeff Carreira

It is with enthusiasm and joy that I present this three-volume set of books. Two years ago, I envisioned writing three concise books that together would capture the heart of the spiritual teachings that I have been developing for many years.

These books are instructional in nature, offering guidance and specific coaching to apply to your meditation practice and your life. In regard to the practice of meditation, the pursuit of awakening and living an awakened life, these books contain the essence of everything I have to teach.

I have to admit that I’m proud of these books. They present what I teach as briefly as possible to avoid digressions and deliver the core of what needs to be communicated directly.

If you and I had a day together where we could sit down and I could explain to you what I teach and how you can work with it, the content of these books is what I would tell you.


The Art of Conscious Contentment
A Handbook for Meditation and Spiritual Freedom
This book explores the wisdom of awakening using simple and easily understood language that is accessible to anyone and perfectly suited to our secular age. It offers an antidote to the excessive anxiety that so many of us feel by introducing a form of meditation taught by Jeff Carreira called The Practice of No Problem. This form of meditation is deceptively simple. It asks only that you sit and not make a problem out of anything that occurs, no matter what. It may seem hard to believe that instructions this simple, literally asking you to do nothing at all, could offer any real benefit, but nothing could be further from the truth. These simple instructions, if followed consistently, have the power to liberate you from habitual patterns of reactivity to fear, worry or self-concern. And as you learn to abide in a deep state of peace, you will be led to the threshold of awakening.
The Experience of Luminous Absorption
The Foundation of Spiritual Life
This book picks up where The Art of Conscious Contentment ends, at the threshold of awakening. From there, Jeff Carreira describes how a powerful meditation practice leads to the discovery of our True Self. With careful guidance and precise instruction, you will embark on a journey the pure awareness that is the ultimate source of who you are. You will discover a depth of awareness that is and always has been alive behind every experience you’ve ever had. It is the consciousness you had before you were born and where you will return when this lifetime ends. This profound discovery is the beginning of a new life because it opens the doorway to a life lived in flow with Divinity. As we become free from limiting beliefs about ourselves, we discover that we are not separate from the universal source of wisdom and love. In this book, you will learn how your life can become a creative expression of the higher love and wisdom of the cosmos.
The Gift of Spiritual Abundance
Five Principles for Being Happy and Fulfilled Right Now

The only thing missing from the previous two books is specific instructions for how to relate to our lives in the world. How do we deal with the inevitable complexity of a busy life filled with obligations, responsibilities and unpredictable circumstances? In this book you will learn how to cultivate and maintain an inner attitude of Spiritual Abundance. The five principles described in this book are designed to bring you immediate happiness and fulfillment. You will learn how to shift out of our culturally conditioned assumption of lack, into a profound recognition of fullness. By applying the simple yet profound principles in this book, they will radically transform your life for the better. This book allows you to uncover the unconscious patterns of thought that keep you waiting for a better future, so you can discover that true happiness and real fulfillment can only be found now, in this moment, exactly the way it is.

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What Others are Saying about Jeff's Teachings
“I never thought I could fall in love with meditation, or appreciate how profound it is to have no preference, dropping in and out. Allowing meditation to be, letting go of direction. 'The Art of Conscious Contentment' is gift of the heart that never stops giving.”
John Yavruian

“Jeff's teachings are an opportunity to hone in on what living a spiritual life is about. The "worm hole" inquiries are a magnificent experience meant to shake up our conditioned ways of thinking and seeing and to expand our awareness. Each one is just as amazing as the last. Jeff always has new and more and more evolved ways to take us into the space of shifting the paradigm of what it means to be human.”
Amanda louks

“I've never heard such spot on clear meditation instructions for tapping into the source, and realizing it's the source that makes us all one, and allows for very profound possibilities. Recently I realized this is what Carlos Castaneda called the 'sea of awareness', which we all have access to. Thank you! ”

“The retreat was a portal to deepened grounding in having Being as always and already identity. Jeff is exquisitely skilled in pointing the way through language, personal presence and experience to living from Infinite Life and Love. I am deeply grateful to be a student of this profound teacher and teaching..”
Mary Triller

“Jeff has helped me step beyond the limited confines of the thinking mind and feeling body. Now I can rest in the love and freedom that I truly am which is right here and right now. Life is now being lived fully and whole heartedly...”
Homer Wong

“These teachings seem to be revealing that there is nothing more important, valuable , profound, joyful and along with being the very reason for life is to be free, open, and available to consciousness itself - a mystery that is living and inciting evolution of itself, through itself, as and through this "me". Deep and profound thanks!”
Rick Bissonette
Sophie Peirce
Sophie Peirce
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