The Holistic Vision of Charles Sanders Peirce

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Charles Sanders Peirce is arguably the greatest thinker that American has yet produced. Peirce was a scientist who helped inspire Heisenberg’s famous uncertainty principle. He was a linguist who co-discovered the field of semiotics. And he was a pioneering philosopher. In this presentation you will explore his profound evolutionary theory and discover why he believed that Darwin’s theory hadn’t gone far enough. According to Peirce, the whole universe is evolving, including the seemingly immutable laws of time, space, and physics.

“The idea of the absolutely First must be entirely separated from all conception of or reference to anything else; for what involves a second is itself a second to that second. The First must therefore be present and immediate, so as not to be second to a representation. It must be fresh and new, for if old it is second to its former state. It must be initiative, original, spontaneous, and free; otherwise it is second to a determining cause. It is also something vivid and conscious; so only it avoids being the object of some sensation. It precedes all synthesis and all differentiation; it has no unity and no parts. It cannot be articulately thought, assert it, and it has already lost its characteristic innocence; for assertion always implies a denial of something else. Stop to think of it, and it has flown! What the world was to Adam on the day he opened his eyes to it, before he had drawn any distinctions, or had become conscious of his own existence—that is first, present, immediate, fresh, new, initiative, original, spontaneous, free, vivid, conscious, and evanescent. Only, remember that every description of it must be false to it.”

~ Charles Sanders Peirce

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