The Miracle of Meditation 60-Day Program (Special Offer)

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First of all I want to thank you for your interest in my work.

I’m always grateful when wonderful people like yourself let my work be a part of their ongoing pursuing of ever-deepening awakening.

Today I want to tell you about what I truly believe is the most spiritually potent digital download course I offer.

It’s The Miracle of Meditation 60-Day Program.

Part of its power is its simplicity – one twenty-minute guided meditation delivered be email each day for sixty days.

The short story is that some time ago I spent sixty amazing days on a silent meditation retreat and had experiences of awakening and energetic opening beyond anything I had ever imagined for myself.

From those experiences I wrote a book called The Miracle of Meditation and from that book came the 60-Day digital download program.

I really wish I could talk to you in person and tell you about it, but since I can’t, I’ve made this video instead.

Special Offer
The Miracle of Meditation
60 Day Program
A new 20min Guided Meditation daily for 60 Days
+ 100 page E-book
This is a 60 day program of daily powerful spiritual guidance and meditation, designed to take you to a new awareness. You will receive instruction and guidance in the art and science of meditation from a master practitioner and teacher.

Course Only


Single payment
  • A new guided meditation every day for 60 days
  • A 100 page downloadable e-book
  • Protected online portal
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