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by Jeff Carreira
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 “The Soul of a New Self is a message from the future, an invitation from an intrepid explorer who has dared to leave behind the familiar and explore the leading edges of humanity’s next evolutionary stage.”

– Craig Hamilton,
Spiritual teacher & founder of Integral Enlightenment

About Soul of a New Self

The Soul of a New Self is an exploration of our sense of self, how it creates the reality we live in, and how we can change reality by changing the experience of who we are. Drawing on a wide range of contemporary and classical sources from David Byrne of the Talking Heads to the 18th century German Idealist Immanuel Kant, Jeff Carreira, explains that we are currently caught in an identity of separation and isolation from each other and the world. This book takes the reader step-by-step into the realization that we are part of an unfolding continuity – a wholeness that grows. As we embrace our potential for living in unity together we open into a new phase of existence.

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About the Author

Jeff HeadshotJeff Carreira is a mystical philosopher, spiritual guide, and author who teaches meditation and transformative philosophy to a growing number of people throughout the world.

As a spiritual guide, Jeff offers retreats and courses leading individuals from across the globe in a form of meditation he calls “The Practice of No Problem.” Through this simple and effective meditation technique Jeff has led thousands of people in the journey beyond the confines of fear and self-concern into the expansive liberated awareness that is our true home.

As a philosopher, Jeff is interested in defining a new way of being in the world that will move us from our current paradigm of separation and isolation into an emerging paradigm of unity and wholeness. He is exploring and teaching some of the most revolutionary ideas and systems of thought in the domains of spirituality, consciousness, and human development. He leads courses in this new understanding of reality and teaches people how to question their experience until previously held assumptions about the nature of reality fall away to create the space for a dramatically new understanding to emerge.

Jeff is passionate about philosophy because he is passionate about the power of ideas to shape how we perceive reality and how we live together. His enthusiasm for learning is infectious, and he enjoys addressing student groups and inspiring them to develop their own powers of inquiry.

“In a world in which university education is often thought of as a vocational certificate, seeing someone obviously relishing the acquisition and sharing of knowledge for its own sake is inspiring.”

—Dr. William O. Shropshire

Jeff has taught university students about Charles Darwin’s influence on American thought, spoken with recovering alcoholics about the transformative philosophy of William James, and addressed Unitarian church groups about Ralph Waldo Emerson and the roots of their faith. He has taught college courses on philosophy, spoken at conferences, and led seminars worldwide.

Jeff is the author of six books. Three of these, The Miracle of Meditation, The Practice of No Problem, and Embrace All That You Are, clarify his teachings of meditation. The other three, Philosophy Is Not a Luxury, Radical Inclusivity, and The Soul of a New Self, offer a continuously expanding presentation of his philosophical investigations into the nature of reality and how it evolves.

The Interview Series

Jeff Carreira recorded five hour-long dialogs with deep and original thinkers who influenced some of the ideas in The Soul of a New Self.

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Interview Series

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 with Jeffrey Kripal
 Professor at Rice University and author of Esalen, America and the Religion of No Religion.

REANIMATING THE WORLDp55-roy-pauline-metcalfe-260x300
with Bonnitta Roy

Founder, Alderlore Insight Center Associate Editor & Integral Review Journal and Program Coordinator MA in Consciousness Studies The Graduate Institure.

with Daniel Belgrad
– Professor the University of South Florida and author of The Culture of Spontaneity: Improvisation and the Arts in Postwar America.

with Jody Mountain
Practitioner/Teacher of the art of Lomi Lomi Nui/Kahuna Bodywork and it’s foundations in Ancient Hawaiian Wisdom.

with Bruce Sanguin

Author of The Emerging Church: a model for change and a map for renewal.