The Spiritual Work of the Soul

June 2, 2023

My journey into Soulwork began in 2016 when I started writing my first novel Transdimensional Crossing. At the time, I was leading a yearlong program called The Breakthrough Intensive and I was feeling that there were depths of my inner experience that I found difficult to teach. I decided to write a novel in a spontaneous form that I thought might unlock my creativity. It worked!

I found that in that novel I was expressing what I understood to be the true complexity of reality more honestly than I had before. Of course, the medium of fiction meant that the expression was somewhat symbolic and ambiguous in nature, but it was in many ways more true than anything else I had written.

Reality is multi-dimensional and we all travel in and out of different dimensions of being all the time without realizing it. In our human form we maintain a story that convinces us that we are a single individual, living a single lifetime in one reality, but I believe we are multidimensional beings living in many dimensions of reality simultaneously.

I continued to explore the multidimensional nature of reality in my subsequent novels, and then in 2021 dared to write a book of non-fiction called The Path of Spiritual Breakthrough that was more personal and honest than anything I had written prior.

In that book, I wrote about some of the powerful spiritual experiences that had changed my life. The central theme of the book is that our interpretation of the experiences we have are what gives them their truly transformative power. As we live in accordance with the conclusions we draw from our breakthrough experiences, we create a new future and a new reality.

Our spiritual experiences occur in higher dimensional realities that temporarily become illuminated in front of us. These higher possibilities can become manifest realities if we choose to live into them. This is the mysterious spiritual work of the soul that I am now calling transdimensional illumination. This work is occupying my spiritual life right now, and what I want most is for people like you to join me in that sacred endeavor.

As I see it, existence begins with pure awareness, which is the potential to experience before anything exists that could be experienced. Pure awareness is non-dual, it is one without a second. It has the capacity to perceive, yet it is blind because there is nothing to see. This is the source of existence, the Self Absolute, God, the Divine. It is the essence of being and it is most essentially what we are.

From this pure source the soul emerges. The soul is a projection of the source that acts as a mirror allowing the source to see its own potential. It is the necessary second that makes any experience possible. When the illuminating light of source encounters the unmanifest potentials of the soul, those potentials are illuminated into existence and can become new realities. My soon to be released book, The Soul’s Journey to Wholeness, is an exploration of this process of illumination.

The soul contains a vast ocean of potential realities and a very small part of that ocean contains the reality of three-dimensional space and linear time in which the human experience emerges. Our human identity acts like a lens through which the awareness of source shines upon the possible realities of the soul. As long as our attention is limited by the familiar experience of being human, that is the only possibility that will become manifest. If we liberate our attention from its habitual fixation with the ordinary, it moves into the invisible and extraordinary realms of the soul and illuminates new realities into existence.

The central insight that has ignited the shift in my spiritual life is that our spiritual work is not ours, it is the work of the soul. The spiritual longing that initiated our spiritual search was the soul’s longing, not ours. Our pursuit of spiritual awakening and growth has always been guided by our soul. To the extent that we are surrendered to live a spiritual life, we are living the soul’s journey, and participating in the soul’s spiritual work.

Every spiritual practice is a practice of attunement. Meditation, chanting, prayer, yoga, etc., are all methods that allow us to tune our being to the higher energies of non-material reality and illuminate them. By learning to rest in that energy we become more and more established in a new possibility. As our spiritual work deepens, we begin to live in a new reality. We might live in the ordinary world, but we are no longer limited by it. We see higher dimensions of being all around us just beyond our familiar perceptions.

By living more and more in those higher dimensions, we act in ways that move this world into deeper alignment with the Divine, and at the same time make those higher potentials more available to ourselves and others. This is the Soulwork that our spiritual life is dedicated to. We are expanding human awareness into greater realities and uplifting the world at the same time.

– end –

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