The Wild Imagination of Fernando Pessoa

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Fernando Pessoa is widely recognized as the greatest Portuguese poet of modern times. During this presentation you will learn that Pessoa was much more than a poet. In fact he was many poets. Besides writing as himself, Pessoa wrote in the name of at least 72 other personalities. He insisted that these were not just pseudonyms. They were other beings that would write through his body. Perhaps most astounding is the fact that three of these other poets, all of whom had styles dramatically different from each other and from Pessoa, himself, are all considered world class poets in their own right.


To think about God is to disobey God,
Since God wanted us not to know him,
Which is why he didn’t reveal himself to us…

Let’s be simple and calm,
Like the trees and streams,
And God will love us, making us
Us even as the trees are trees
And the streams are streams,
And will give us greenness in the spring, which is its season,
And a river to go to when we end…
And he’ll give us nothing more, since to give us more would make us less us.

~ Alberto Caeiro (Fernando Pessoa)

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